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Volt since upgrade

Joining in


Would appreciate if someone could help me make sense of this.

I had 250Mbps on Virgin with an eligible O2 contract meaning I got 350Mbps on my broadband.

14 days ago got a call out of the blue asking me if I wanted to upgrade and start a new contract at 500Mbps. No change to O2 package.

Called Virgins billing team today to ask if my Volt benefits were coming. Showing as live and eligible on the account online as well as confirmed on the phone.

However, the advisor told me I won't be getting a 1Gbps. He kept telling me how the Volt benefits give next level of speed and double data so therefore it's correct that I have 500Mbps.

But surely if I agree 500Mbps, Volt means I get 1Gbps? 





No this is right. You are on Volt 500 which is M350 pinged up a level via Volt. 

Huh. Seems odd as I didn't agree 350Mbps on the phone, the contract is for 500Mbps and I got 500Mbps the day I agreed it.

That is very different to my past contract where I asked for 250Mbps and got a 250Mbps contract document and gained 300Mbps 14 days later.

I would have thought that the speed quoted by the sales team would be before extras, not including them.

Yeah they are indeed poor at explaining the package names and implications. 

If you really want 1 Gig I think it would properly be another upgrade to an underlying M500 tier that would result in Volt Gig (or whatever it is called).