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Volt package is a Scam…

Joining in

Has anyone else been convinced by a volt package but not been given the full details and now paying for it???

All I wanted from Virgin was their premium GB wifi yet I was propositioned a ‘volt’ package which was cheaper (or so I thought), offering a new customer deal with a ‘free’ o2 sim. Now I don’t know about you but when you hear the word free, you expect it to be as such. 3 months down the line after various additional issues with Virgin, I have just discovered I am in fact paying for a SIM card with o2 that I am currently unable to use as locked into a contract with my current mobile provider. 

The additional stress following an already difficult house purchase has left me feeling extremely upset and out of pocket as I have not budgeted for this. Now I am left to try discuss this with o2 to find a solution… 


O2 are just as awful and refuse to assist in such matters. No wonder they have a great partnership with virgin