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Volt not activating on New VM account

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Hi there, 

I can’t get Volt to activate on my Virgin Media package.

brief summary: I’ve had Volt benefits since it started as I was a long time O2 and VM customer. In Jan, cancelled our VM contract because we moved house, and didn’t have a new place at that point. In late Feb, moved into the new house, got a new VM contract.

my O2 account has retained the previous Volt activation. I changed the address on my O2 account over 3 weeks ago to match our new VM account, but there’s no sign of the Volt benefits being applied to my VM account. Tried to explain this to the chat service and got nowhere. 
How do I get My VM and O2 accounts to find each other? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @aquilegia,

Thank you for your post 😊

I am sorry to hear you have been having some issues with your Volt benefits.

I can take a look into this for you to see what has happened. 
I will pop you over a PM, please keep an eye out for the little envelope 👀📩