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Volt: new VM customer - what price & how??


I cannot see the specific "Volt" deals for 500 and 1gig on the VM website no matter what I enter trying to see them – why does this info have to be hidden away and impossible to find, deliberately making customers life a misery! 

I want Broadband only + three WiFi Pods (as per the current home owner, who needs them to have full coverage, and I get for free as a Volt customer). How exactly does one go about putting in such an order, given I'm an O2 customer with Volt already bolted-on to my O2 account, thus I should get speed-doubled to the next speed tier?? 

So do I phone-up and order the 500Mb plan, agree a price then tell them about Volt? How is the speed-double from 500 to 1Gig actually set-up?

Just so overly complicated, it's unbelievable and a maddening timesuck process. 




No answer from Staff? 

OK, here's a screenshot of the Volt options screen. Despite the top of the screen saying "You can get broadband speeds of up to Gig1" – there are NO price options are listed for 512 or Gig1 speeds?! 

crap options.jpg

Hi Jimthing 👋 welcome back to the community forum! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear your concerns regarding taking out a VOLT deal. 

Just so you are aware, the community is not an instant response service and so reply times can vary depending on staff working hours and availability. We always endeavour to respond as quickly as possible! 

You can find information about VOLT here 👉 Virgin Media & O2 Benefits | Virgin Media Help including some FAQ's about the VOLT benefits. If you are just trying to add VOLT benefits to your existing package you activate these via your My O2 account 👉 O2 | Accounts | Sign in | View bills , balances and emails in your My O2 account. If you already have VOLT benefits activated, this will automatically have been applied to your package speeds. 

In terms of the Wi-Fi POD's that are included as part of VOLT benefits, these are sent out to you one at a time, as needed, following diagnostics for Wi-Fi coverage issues in your home. You should also be able to complete these diagnostics via our Connect app 👉 (Please do be aware we can only send one at a time, and would need for each to arrive before we are able to send another.) You can also read more about our Wi-Fi MAX service, and the POD's here 👉 WiFi Max WiFi Speed Guarantee | Virgin Media

If you would like to discuss any package change options available to you further, you will need to speak to us directly in real time to get support with this. (Sadly we do not offer support with package changes via the forum.) To go about changing your package, you can contact us via 📞 0345 454 1111 or 150 from a VM landline. or WhatsApp via 📲 +447305 327 112 .

Hope this helps! Please let us know if there are any other questions you have and we will continue to offer support! Wishing you all the best. 🌞


I literally said in the subject line that I'm a NEW CUSTOMER trying to get Volt prices: 

"Volt: new VM customer - what price & how??"

Instead you've come back and written nothing that helps me get any of that done, with links that take me to nowhere to get pricing – the precise point of my forum question. 

Let me ask this again in even plainer English... How much is: Volt - 1Gig BB only for new customers? That's no phone, no TV, no pods, or anything else. Just give me: 

1. Price and contract length options? 

2. How do customers actually order these Volt deals, given we have to get the 512 speed then get doubled for free to 1Gig? 

Hopefully that is easy enough to answer without the fluff. 

Thanks for coming back to us jimthing, its strange that the system isn't showing the offers for gig1 in your area despite saying that you can have the speeds at the top of the page.

Volt packages are usually on an 18 month contract but the prices of the deals can vary for new customers depending on what offers we have on at the moment and we don't have the best offers and cannot sign customers up from here on the forums. 

Please can you call into our sales team on 08001831234 and they will be able to provide all the details of the current offers that we have for broadband only Volt packages that are available to you. 

Kind Regards,