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Volt is it worth upgtading?

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My contract is due to end in the near future. I would be grateful for any advice as to whether it would be worth upgrading to Volt. Thanks for any response


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @milbers 

The following FAQ page explains the Volt benefits 


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I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Very Insightful Person

Cheapest way to get Volt is to ignore the sales pitch and negotiate your broadband without any mobile element. Then get an O2 SIM from a comparison website and apply for Volt through O2.

It's what I did and I'm £200 a year better off!

I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. Learn more

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Everyone's experience is bound to be different but I have had nothing but trouble, with at least 8 hours spent on the phone to many different people mainly the retention teams in UK and the call centre somewhere else. I could name all the people I spoke too who promised to fix things but never did, or cut me off and didn't call me back. I had pre contract documents sent to me that I authorised then heard no more. I finally got it all set up at a higher price than was offered to me in the pre contract documents. But I had to cancelled the O2 contract as I really don't appreciate being lied to about it being unlimited Data when it isn't. Ah, Also the Netflix Standard says it is included but they seem to want to charge an extra £10.99.
I hope you get a far better experience than I have so far.

Many thanks for all the replies so far. Still undecided.

Alessandro Volta

Surely only you know?  The offer is clearly described, and as enlli says, you can get most of the benefits just by buying a pay monthly SIM (but not through the O2 web site as they're overpriced) and if you're even considering Volt then you're accepting of VM's customer service, and the potential pitfalls.  I've left VM because I wasn't willing to accept the customer service, but I'll happily admit that for a lot of people the Volt benefits (or full Volt bundles) can be an excellent deal.  Since you are an existing customer you'll have to play hard with the retentions team to get a good price - as with all such discussions do your research before calling them, know what alternatives other ISPs will offer you, and what a good deal looks like for you.

After a call from the VM offshore sales team, we upgraded from an Ultimate Oomph package at £96 a month (which included 600gb Broadband and an unlimited SIM on Virgin Mobile plus sky sports and cinema in HD) to Volt (with 1gb BB and Unlimited 02 data SIM with the same tv plus Netflix). There was a saving of around £2 a month on our old deal once Netflix (which I was paying separately to Netflix direct) was factored in.

However, because we didn't need the Unlimited data on the o2 sim, I downgrade it to a lower gb SIM on a Black Friday deal to £8 a month instead of £25 and now the monthly savings are £19 a month on our old deal - admittedly with less data but I never use more than around 20gb a month anyway.

Plus you can retain the Volt benefits with the change of SIM package.

This is just my own experience. I know others have not had such a smooth transition. 

On our wavelength
Many thanks for the responses it is much appreciated.