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Volt benefits still not active on the Virgin side

Joining in

Activated Volt benefits via o2 and they've been active on the o2 side for over a month but the double broadband speed with Virgin still hasn't kicked in. I checked the My Virgin Media website and the button to 'upgrade to volt benefits' or whatever gives me a 404, and from the MVM iOS app doing the same brings me to a menu to upgrade my package - a very sinister dark pattern.

What's the hold up? I've seen a couple of posts skimming the forum that this often takes a new billing cycle to kick in but we're beyond that now. 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey rogerianist, thanks for posting on our help forum.

We're sorry to hear of the issues you had with your Volt bundle and speed boost, could you please tell us which Volt package you've subscribed to (BB speed and O2 mobile plan) recently and what's the speed you see reflecting on your account online here?
Also, have you registered successfully for Volt benefits on your O2 App as well and has it been two weeks since this was done?

Let us know more, happy to help you.

Forum Team

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I've been on 100mb Virgin for a really long time (the blueyonder days, even) and I have a sim only monthly plan with o2. 

Account page says 132mb, but the Volt benefits section says 'not active'.

I registered successfully for Volt benefits on the o2 app at the beginning of November and got the confirmation text that it had been applied on the 18th.

Hi rogerianist

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I'll send you a PM now to help 🙂


Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Can you please respond to my message on the main screen please. It's been three days and not one agent has bothered to reply.

Thanks for coming back to us Keiranjf, we will get this looked into as soon as we possibly can for you.

Kind Regards,