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Volt and O2

Joining in

Last year I changed my TV, phone and broadband package and the cheapest option was the package with the O2 SIM to get the Volt benefits. At the time I already had 2 mobiles on a contract with virgin mobile and I asked if one of those could be transferred to O2 but no was the answer. I could not understand this since virgin mobile and O2 had merged in 2021. Surely it was all the same? In the end I felt I was forced to take the SIM that I neither wanted or needed or even use and to pay £25 per month for the pleasure which has now increased to £29.32.

Now my 2 virgin mobile contracts are to be transferred to O2 from the end of the month. It seems this transfer can happen now it suits virgin mobile. If I didn't already have Volt I would now be entitled to it as an O2 customer.

I just feel the whole thing is completely unfair and I'm paying out extra each month needlessly.

I'm wondering if this O2 SIM could now be cancelled without penalty?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @CAR97 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear you have this package dispute.

As you've advised in the top line of the post, it was the cheapest plan to have the O2 SIM included. This means to get that price and plan, it would come with the O2 SIM. 

To cancel it, we wouldn't be able to advise from here but you'll need to speak to O2 👉

The migration of the numbers is nothing to do with your O2 plan agreed last year, please see more on this migration 👉 

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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