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Volt advertised as free but contract now increased?!

Just joined

Hello! I'm a long term O2 customer (as is my husband) as well as a long term Virgin Media customer. We recently discovered the Volt upgrade through our O2 app and signed up with no issues. I've received my double data on my phone, and then today I receive an email from Virgin stating that my new monthly bundle cost is: £70.00

Our contract is usually £44.00 and we're both adamant that the Volt deal was advertised as a free boost! We absolutely wouldn't have upgraded knowing that our contract would increase as we were already happy with our contract. Is this an error on Virgins part or has something not been explained properly?!


Super solver

I'm wondering if this might actually be due to the end of a discounted contract with VM that happened to coincide with your Volt changes? 

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