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Volt - Virgin Upgrade / Benefits

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Hi Virgin Team,

I have recently signed up for a new SIM deal with 02, I have since been through the steps with their customer service team to apply my Volt Upgrade/Benefits from their side (data boost), which should take approx. 14-days to apply.

I have since tried to do the same thing with Virgin Media through the support team and I've been passed from one call operator to another and none seem understand what I'm asking for or even remotely aware of what "Volt" is?!?!? So I'm now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Is there someone here from VM support team who can assist me in getting my VM Volt Upgrade / Benefits applied (or the process started) to my Virgin Media Broadband package?

For info I'm currently on VM 500mb Broadband package (I don't have any television packages as I'm out of the country for >6 months of the year so they'd be wasted), so I'm guessing my VM Volt boost would consist of me moving to Gig1 and I'll be sent out the new Hub5?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @PhigBill thanks for your post although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised about your Volt not being activated.

To clarify here, once the Volt boost has been activated by the O2 team, it automatically applies from our side and your broadband speed boost should be activated after the 14 day mark.

It's disappointing that none of the team have identified what Volt is, this should not be happening as this has been operational for some time now and a key package for many so I'll make sure this is fed back for you.

Can you advise if the speed boost has been applied from O2's side or are you still waiting on the 14 days to pass? 

In terms of the upgrade, if you're on the M500 then yes, you'll be automatically boosted to the 1GB network when this is applied! You'll either be sent the Hub 4 (if you don't already have one, if you do the speed boost is automatic to that) or Hub 5 as the Hubs are subject to availability.

I hope this helps and if you need anymore support, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Many thanks