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Volt Package O2 Sim Not Delivered

Joining in
I ordered a new package that included the O2 Sim card on 21th Apr, however I have still not received the SIM card and have been paying both my Virgin package bill and other SIM card bill whilst I have been waiting.

Tried calling customer services many times... gave up after being on hold for over an hour each time. Please can someone at Virgin please contact me to address my issue??

As I have purchased the package through Virgin then I expect you to sort it out.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi kojicorner0424, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you have not received the sim. From reading your comment it does sound like the account has been created for 02 as you are getting billed. You would need to contact 02 as we don't have the capacity to reorder sims for 02. Can you contact them  so that the sim can be reordered for you. ^Chris 

Hi Chris,

 thank you for your reply. 
I got below comment from O2, so that is this Virgin media matter?

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Upon looking into this with the details you’ve provided, I’m unable to locate a SIM card in your name. This may mean that the order for an O2 SIM card hasn’t been processed.

As I’m unable to locate an account you’ll not be receiving the product from O2, but to query this further you can speak with Virgin to see if they’re able to confirm a SIM card was ordered.

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best regards,


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @kojicorner0424,

Sorry to hear you're still having some trouble with this. Can you please tell me how you processed your order? Was it over the phone, via our website or through a 3rd-Party site such as MoneySupermarket?

If you are being billed, you will have a Direct Debit for both Virgin Media and O2. If you have an O2 Direct Debit active, and it has withdrawn money from your bank then the account has definitely been processed.

Have you also received confirmation emails from both Virgin Media and O2 confirming your order?



Reece - Forum Team

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Hi Reece_HM

Thank you for your reply.

I ordered Volt service(Virgin broadband and O2 sim set) via Virgin media website using my phone or PC(I forgot).

And I couldn't confirm any withdrawals from O2 on my bank statement.
Withdrawals from Virgin also not yet because the latest bill from Virgin was £0 due to a promotion.

I have updated my home address in Royal Mail and contacted Virgin after I had received below email.
But no reply after that.


Best Regards,

Good Afternoon @kojicorner0424, thanks for coming back to us.

Can you please confirm if there's been any further updates to this over the last 48 hours for me?

If not, we may need to look into this further for you.

Kindest regards,


Hi David_Bn,

There is no update in last 48 hours. 
i have not received any massage and SIM card.

best regards,


Thanks for coming back to me @kojicorner0424, and my apologies for not coming back sooner - I've only just seen this response.

Can I politely ask you for another update since your post on Thursday?

Have you possibly discussed this issuing of the new sim card with O2?

Kindest regards,


Hi David_Bn

Thank you for your reply. 

There is no update. 
And I have already discussed with O2 but my order could not be found in their system. 
So they said that Virgin media had never shared my order to O2. 

Please send me the SIM asap. 

Apologies for the issues faced kojicorner0424,

Just to clarify on your VM bills does it advise that the SIM has been added?

Let us know,