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Volt M250 package - unable to add volt on benefits due to technical error?

Joining in

Hi, I am looking to get some help, ideally from a member of the virgin team (but help from the community would also be greatly appreciated!)

I recently renegotiated my virgin media contract in May (broadband, TV and landline). My broadband speeds technically remained the same, but its name changed from "M250 fibre" to "Volt 250". I had no volt benefits at the time this change was made, so I was quite confused by the naming of this,  but didn't particularly question it at the time.  

Since then, I have purchased a sim only 02 contract, and received email confirmation of my added on volt benefits. I believe this should make me eligible for an increase in speeds (to the next tier up of 350mbps?) but customer services have said that I am not eligible, because I technically already had volt benefits. I believe this was not the case, and is due to a technical error in the naming of my broadband package in the new contract. 

Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to correctly apply these volt benefits? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @samermit 👋 Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see there seems to be some confusion with the Volt benefits. From the sounds of it, the team are correct with this one if you are on a Volt tariff already. However, I'll be happy to double check this for you.

I'll send you a PM to confirm your details so this can be done.



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