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Volt Customer. Additional WiFi Pod

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I am a Volt customer and ordered a Wifi Pod around a month ago Although its resolved some issues I

need another for my utility room. Ive used the connect app to confirm poor connectivity but nowhere does it enable me to order another on the app nor can I order through my VM account page. Takes ages on the phone to get through - is it possible to do this anywhere online?


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Thank you @123458 I'm going to pop you a Private Message so we can take a closer look into this.

I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.

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Very Insightful Person

Hi 123458 


You should be able to order them by logging into /my-virgin-media , as per the info below from ?

How do I get a second or third WiFi Pod?
If you’re not getting download speeds of at least 20Mbps in every room with one WiFi Pod, you can request a second or third by signing in to My Virgin Media, clicking on Your Package and following the steps in the WiFi Max tab
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  • Sorry but this isnt solved. I was just thanking newapollo for helping and virgin marked it as solved! The sad truth is I went onto the vm site entered my details, was told I was being transferred to an agent then nothing! That was at 6pm. Its now 11pm so guessing nobody will be getting back to me. Not the first time this has happened to me and sadly the sort of customer service vm seem to provide nowadays

Hi there @123458 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue regarding your pod. Can I ask how this was ordered? 

Have you checked that nothing is shown in the My Appointments and Orders section of your My Virgin Media profile. 

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Hi and thanks for your reply. Thats the point I was trying to make. I ordered and received one a month or so ago. Now I'm trying to order another as I still have poor connection in one room  but have been waiting for an agent on chat all last night and again this morning. 

Thank you for updating @123458 and I am so sorry again that you have not been able to arrange this via the chat. 

Have you been able to used the Connect App at all using the following steps: 

·         Tap Start the scan
·         Then Start the scan again
·         While connect to WiFi, Tap I’m ready
·         Wait 2 mintues for Scan
·         Scan complete, Tap continue
·         Tap Add a room, Tap the room you're in
·         Start the Scan (do this in every room)
·         Scan complete
·         Tap Optimise WiFi now if an option
·         If so, Tap Optimise
·         Optimisation complete, Tap Rescan room, 
·         Tap Start Scan
·         Tap Order a WiFi Booster if an option

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Hi Ashleigh. Ive tried all of that but dont get the option to optimise wifi. If its any help when i first contacted you for a pod the agent went through some proceedures including a full hub reset before issuing my first pod. I can send a screen shot of the room with the issue if it helps


Virgin Media phone staff are rude and lie straight to your face now. They make promises on everything from price to sending equipment, then you get billed wrongly on the very next bill and they lie and said you never had the previous phone conversation! 

I record all calls to them now: you need it as evidence. 

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Hi Ashleigh

I've found the setting now for network optimization but it says my network is optimised. No option to order a pod


Thank you for popping back to me @123458 does the app give speed test results for each room? If so what is shown?