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Volt Benefits - Active on O2 side but not on Virgin side?

Tuning in

I have been a Virgin customer for over a year and recently an O2 customer.


I got the double data on O2's side for my device however I have yet to receive Volt benefits with Virgin media broadband at my address. I spoke with O2 this morning who have told me everything is activated, so I need to contact VM if the boost hasn't applied on our broadband.

I have been trying to log in to our Virgin Media account to check but the website is down, I constantly get 404 messages. 

It's impossible to get through over the phone due to the wait times. Does anyone know how I can get my Volt benefits activated on Virgin's side?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You wait 28days then it automatically happens

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @BeanandWin


Thank you so much for your first post to our community forums and welcome to the team, it's great to have you here. 


I'm so sorry for any confusion regarding your ne Volt deal. To clarify your services on the Virgin side should be activated within 14 days. 


When did you sign up to the new Volt deal? 


Thank you. 

Hi, thanks for your reply!

Just to clarify my situation a bit better, I got my O2 contract in December and my Volt was activated just fine.

I moved house in June, and have changed all my address details etc and we have a new virgin contract here (different account number too, I was wondering if this might be why?) 

But yes, speaking to O2 everything is still activated on their side and my address was changed on O2 about 3 weeks+ ago.

Any idea what I need to do to get Volt at my new address?


Thanks in advance! 

Thanks for the detailed response,

Can I ask what current speed are you on compared to the speed that it should be boosted to?

Also was the speed at the prior address?

Let us know,


Hi Kain,

Our current speed is the 213mbps broadband package and we get around 200mbps - I'm assuming it should be boosted to around 400mbps if it's supposed to be doubled..?


Previously we were on a 500mbps package at the old address, which Volt boosted up to 1gig. 




Hi BeanandWin,

Thank you for confirming the above, when registering for Volt the Broadband speed would go up to the next available level, as you have moved since adding 02 have you spoken to us to make sure this is added manually?



Hi Paul,


Apologies for my late response, completely forgot to reply! 

I did at the time of posting this try to get in touch via phone call but I was not having much luck getting through, and with working full time I did not have a lot of time to sit waiting to get through, which I why I posted here to see if there was a reason or solution I could fix myself. 

Thank you!


Hi @BeanandWin

Can you ensure that your O2 account shows the same account holder and address as they do on your Virgin Media account? These would need to be matching for the Volt benefits to activate on your Virgin Media service. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

@Carley_S wrote:

Hi @BeanandWin

Can you ensure that your O2 account shows the same account holder and address as they do on your Virgin Media account? These would need to be matching for the Volt benefits to activate on your Virgin Media service. 


Sorry, but you're incorrect @Carley_S

Anyone in the household can have either to have the benefits.



We're having the same issue, connected with Volt on O2(partner's name) but virgin media in my name but no volt benefits added to the VM account.


As per the terms of Volt

" Who can get Volt benefits?

To get your exclusive Volt benefits, your household needs to have at least one O2 Pay Monthly mobile customer and one Virgin Media broadband customer registered there.


So, if you're an existing customer of O2 Pay Monthly you'll either (i) need to sign up to broadband from Virgin Media or (ii) live with a registered Virgin Media broadband account holder.


Or, if you're a Virgin Media broadband customer, you'll also either (i) need to become an O2 Pay Monthly customer or (ii) live with at least one registered O2 Pay Monthly customer.


Check whether Virgin Media broadband is available in your area with Virgin Media's coverage checker. Once you're a customer of both O2 and Virgin Media, or once your household becomes eligible to receive Volt benefits, you can check your eligibility in the My O2 app and opt in to get Volt benefits."