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Volt - 2 sims as I've migrated over

On our wavelength

I now have two O2 sims as my virgin mobile contract has migrated over to o2. 

I'd signed up for an O2 sim to benefit from the Volt boost it'd give us on the broadband. But can I cancel it now as I've got an O2 contract which I actually use? 

Feel a bit cheated if I can't as I signed up only a couple of months before they switched me over! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey stacel,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.

Are you trying to cancel your migrated sim cards or the sim card that you have already taken out with O2?

If its the latter, you would need to get in touch with O2 to cancel that as the sim card is with them not Virgin Mobile, you should be able to cancel that sim with O2 but you would need to speak to them to arrange this, you can reach them using the methods here.

Kind Regards,