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Virgin media fibre roll-out in area but unable to bring our services to my home?

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Hi all,

I've been watching the Virgin Media team/contractors setup their fibre equipment on the telephone pole at the end of my drive over the last few months with great excitement. I even registered my interest with Virgin Media so I could sign-up as soon as everything was installed.

The process seemed to have finished this week, but this morning I could a dissapointing email saying 'we’re unable to bring our services to your home'. Is there any way of finding out why this is? The telephone pole is literally at the end of my drive, and the distance between my house and the pole is not anywhere near over the maximum for a overhead fibre line. 




The issue is often the sales platform not being updated once the ground or pole works have completed.

VM will require your Post Code to find out why sales have not opened.

For your into try the addresses adjacent & across from you just in case it is only your property that has been missed.

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Thank you for your reply Client62! I have tried other addresses and postcodes and no one around me can get Virgin Fibre either. However, the thing that is worrying me is the tone of the email seems to indicate that I won't ever be able to get Virgin Fibre due to an issue with my house (or something). I registered my interest months ago, and I thought the idea was that they would let me know when it was available rather than saying I could not get it. 


The email is just a disconnect between sales not knowing the fibre to pole work is under way and at some point engineering filing an update to say it is enabled and ready for customer service.

VM are going to be keen to see return on the cost of installing fibre to the telegraph poles.

In 2017 RFoG ( fibre in the ground ) came to our street, 2 months after they passed the end of our drive our service was live, things appear to take longer now.

All you can do is keep and eye on :

When time does come to order - do not cancel your existing ISP until after the VM service has been installed and operating for a month. Avoid any risk of ending up without a home broadband service for an open ended period.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello matt_cc, 

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting.

We are very sorry to hear you are unable to receive the service at this time. 

We can request that this is reviewed by our field team to investigate further. 

To arrange this, I am going to pop you over a private message to take a few details 

Speak soon,