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How do go about ordering a pod?

I’ve a back bedroom that can’t even get WiFi most of the time.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Npjs55 

The wifi pods are free if you are on the Gig1 package, or Ultimate Oomph, or on a Volt bundle, however if you are on any other package then they are £8  a month.

You need to use the Connect app to scan the wifi speeds.  You need to perform the Home Scan in the area where the signal is low(est)  The home scan feature will guide you from room to room to carry out WiFi speed tests. If it finds a potential signal-less spot, it’ll test your broadband speed to the WiFi Hub to make sure there isn’t a problem with your network.

If everything’s okay with the Hub, the app will take you through to order a WiFi Pod to help boost your WiFi connection.

The info below is a copy paste of the steps provided by @John_GS  (Forum Team) in how to order them when using the Connect app.

  • Tap Start the scan 
  • Then Start the scan again 
  • While connect to WiFi, Tap I’m ready 
  • Wait 2 mintues for Scan 
  • Scan complete, Tap continue 
  • Tap Add a room, Tap the room you're in 
  • Start the Scan (do this in every room) 
  • Scan complete 
  • Tap Optimise WiFi now if an option 
  • If so, Tap Optimise 
  • Optimisation complete, Tap Rescan room,  Tap Start Scan 
  • Tap Order a WiFi Booster if an option

If that doesn't work you can call  0800 064 3850 to order the first one

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Npjs55,

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get this issue with your WIFI connection looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration 😥 I would be more than happy to look into this for you!

I can see @newapollo has given some really helpful information on how to find out whether you need WIFI Pods and how to order them, have you been able to follow his advice? 

If you need any further information about our WIFI Max Scheme please click here, however all of NewApollo's information is correct 😊

I have taken a quick look at your services on my side and I can see some issues with your Hub's power levels, I can also see that your Hub hasn't been rebooted in a while which might be the cause of this. 

Could you give your Hub a quick reboot and let us know please? We'll take another look once this is done and see whether that has resolved the power level issue 🤗

If it's still an outstanding problem then we can continue to help!