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VOLT Problems.

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hi this is the short version - I sent on live chat which isn't putting me though to anyone for another awful service to add to the list!

So I have had an issue with no signal upstairs in my house since I first called 13 days into my service. I was told that call I would be able to get boosters for free if it goes below 20mb upstairs. IT did and I rang again.  Only to be told its chargeable (and that if I was with o2 it wouldn't cost anymore). A complaint was raised with the agent. (there were numerous calls and every person had told me about there being no extra charge if I was with o2) I got a reply from this complaint saying I could have free boosters. when I rang and ordered it was fine, only to see my bill had gone up 8 pound. so another call went through and was told nothing could be done - but again if I was with volt there would be no extra charge. I raised a complaint once again. So we come to today - where I am now signed up to o2 volt (my partner was with 02 unbeknown to me so if i stated when i signed up i could have avoided this), only now to be told that my contract will be going up to 48 pound to activate o2 volt! Because i need to recontract! Therfore a 15 pound increase on my contract for taking out 02 volt! this is crazy I have had these issues since day one and purposely rang the first time within the cool off period so I could cancel the service if there was any problems (that call I was told the boosters were free so I didn't forsee this problem) numerous hours on the phone, no resolution, and awful customer services I'm 4 or 5 months in and I have had this issue since day one. 
Warning to anyone expecting volt to be free. 
And hoping someone can assist me.

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Staff on here are about as helpful as over the phone, live chat and WhatsApp it seems 🙄

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello Tailored, thanks for posting on our help forum and welcome to our community.

We're sorry for the late reply and to see how that made you feel about us, we're happy to best assist you.
Also sorry to hear of the experience you've had with adding our Wi Fi pods to your package over your previous contacts with our team and that you had to raise multiple cases to have this resolved.
Could you please advise a bit more on the above said so we can help out?
Were you on a Volt deal or 1Gig fibre when we originally placed your order (pods)?
Also, was your previous contract coming to an end when our team advised you'd need to renew this perhaps?

Please, share more and we're eager to support you with this.

Forum Team

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