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Just joined

Have changed my package, (My old one was due to expire) to include an O2 sim (Volt Bundle) but having read some of the posts of problems with the o2 sim. I think this was a mistake.

If I cancel the O2 side of the bundle will the Virgin side, be affected or will this cancel the complete package?

Any advice would be welcome.


Fibre optic

What problems are you meaning regarding the O2 SIM?

I made the switch and, despite the usual Netflix issues for the overall switch, the actual move over (including the O2 SIM) was relatively painless.

I had already experienced the switch from Virgin/EE to Virgin/Vodafone whilst on Ooomph, which in my opinion is the biggest downfall regarding speed and coverage, so a move from Vigin/Vodafone to Virgin/O2 was unnoticeable given the fact that in my area both (and add 3 in there as well) are as bad for speed compared to EE.