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VM and O2

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Three days ago I took a contract for VM full fibre and an O2 sim as part of a bundle, the contract has 14 day cooling off period, I was unhappy with a few issues and tried to cancel the contract, this is what happened next:

VM, rang and rang and rang it took ages to get through and each time I was abruptly terminated, I eventually got the rep who sold me the package to cancel it for me, however he said that I needed to cancel O2 myself at an O2 shop.

O2, the shop said that they could not cancel the contract and advised me to call their customer services, which I tried to do before going to the shop, after kicking up a fuss they agreed to help, but they too could only ring the same number for customer services that I had previously rang.

They were cut off twice and after one and half hours of trying I was told that if I just simply cancel without them sending me the appropriate code and me calling them again to confirm back to them then I could be liable for the full eighteen months of payments. They told me to read my O2 contract.

I do not have an O2 contract only a VM contract and it states quiet clearly that I only need to inform VM if I wish to cancel the contract and no further payment would be required.

What on earth is going on?

I see Ofcom are investigating them for such practices and are asking for experiences, guess where this is going?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @davidirv thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

We feel there may have been some confusion so apologies if this is the case, but to be clear, for a Volt bundle the O2 SIM and the Virgin Media services are 2 different contracts so if you wish to cancel the SIM, being directed to O2 is correct.

Can you please advise which side of the contracts you are looking to cancel please?

Many thanks


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Acting upon advice from the guy who sold me both contracts, I tried for hours on the phone to cancel the contracts, finally out of desperation I called in at the o2 shop, where they on my behalf tried to cancel, after being sat at desk with the o2 guy for 2 hours I was was told that it would be cancelled, however I would would owe o2 the money for the duration of the contract £204.00 even if I was still in the 14 days cooling off period. The proverbial brown messy stuff hit the fan and I stood at the shop doorway advising potential customers not to do business with o2. The next day I received a txt saying that I needed to pay £204.00, more brown stuff hit the fan, I then received txt saying that the contract was cancelled and I had nothing to pay.

The VM contract proved just as difficult to cancel with many calls to VM being cut off after hours of waiting, the rep cancelled the contract for me.

What a complete and utter shambles it's no wonder VM are at the bottom for customer services and o2 are being investigated by Ofcom for making it nearly impossible to cancel contacts.

Time taken to cancel both six days, man hours spent over 20.

Even the CEOs did not replied to requests for help, bloody disgraceful!!!!!!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi davidirv 👋

Thanks for providing an update on this. I'm deeply sorry for the experience you have had when contacting both ours, and O2's Customer Care Teams. Whilst we cannot assist with O2 queries via these Forums, I have forwarded your experience to the relevant team to improve on the service we offer.

In regard to your contract, you would have received both a Virgin Media and O2 contract. These may have been within the same contract pack, or distributed to you separately. If you wish to speak with O2 regarding your experience, you can contact them through any of the methods, here.


Reece - Forum Team

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