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Upgrading O2 sim card

Dialled in


I am on the volt package and I am able to upgrade my sim card to 20gb data (which hoping will be 40gb data with volt) for £8 - will i loose or any services from VM be reduced?

Do i still get all the volt perks like double data, travel zone etc

All i am literally doing is changing my O2 tariff from £28 to £8 with reduced data


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi dibberly, 

Thanks for your post and questions surrounding Volt. 

Changing your tariff with O2 won't affect your VM services since the Volt benefits depend on you having an O2 SIM but doesn't depend on the tariff. 

When making changes though you may find the benefits are removed at first. Rest assured these would be reapplied within 14 days of the changes. 

If you have any further issues or queries, please let us know. 


Forum Team

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