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Unusual Retention's Procedure


This is a little complicated, so I briefly explain. I share an apartment with someone else and we both split the virgin TV / broadband between us. The Virgin media account is presently in my flatmates name & has been since connection some 8 yrs ago. We are on the ultimate oomph package which includes a virgin unlimited SIM with an additional x360 bedroom box.

The contract comes to an end early July so my flatmate called to get prices & if acceptable to renew the contract. Virgin offered a great deal tbh to which was even slightly cheaper than we are paying now. However finances have changed, both me & my flatmate were looking to reduce services (eg:  remove the additional box, remove movies etc ) to around the £55-60 mark.

In preparation we had already built a package via the virgin website which would suit us for our needs priced at £55 on the virgin website.  We realised that was aimed at new customers therefore we asked how much that would be for us as an existing customer. It was much higher compared to the price quoted for a new customer. After much discussion with 1 person via WhatsApp & 2 people on the phone from the  retention's "thinking of leaving" team it was clear they couldn't match the new customers price. So we decided to place a disconnection request & I would just rejoin as a brand new customer. 

In the meantime my flatmate placed a complaint with virgin media about the price quoted as being very high compared to that of a new customer & he was very happy.  He received confirmation & they'll be in touch. That was last week. As yet no one from the exec office have been in touch.

Then yesterday we received a call from a mobile number and it turned out to be a real nice guy from retention's who obviously didn't read the notes because he instantly went down the line of another great offer to stay as we are. (At first we assumed he was from the complaints team, but he wasn't aware of our complaint.) I explained we now have a lower budget and pointed him towards the package available on their website we would suit our needs but we were quoted a really high price.  He then went off to check what he could offer & then came back stating that particular package isn't actually available to existing customers. We simply replied well that's fine, my flatmate will reconnect in his name & get the package as a brand new customer.

He then said he could do it under my name now & he will make it even cheaper than the website prices. So I agreed and got the Big Volt bundle package  £54.99 - Vault 1 gig broadband / mixit tv with drama docs, 10g O2 SIM in my name. The retention's advisor stated that as there is a service active atm in the premises (in my flatmates name obviously) - the order confirmation would state a different house number initially but would automatically rectify itself once activation takes place? Also at no point was my flatmate asked to confirm his password for security either?  It just all seemed very odd & unusual particularly as he was calling from a mobile phone (we actually text him on it to arrange for him to call me back) Obviously he IS from virgin media as he confirmed our present package etc.. & I have received my order confirmation, direct debit set up via my email.

But is this normal retention callback practice under these circumstances?

Don't get me wrong the advisor was extremely professional, friendly & helpful. And I can only assume not asking for security was an oversight, but a pretty serious oversight nonetheless.

So atm our virgin media is in its 30 day cancellation period (my flatmates account) & my new account  starts in around 3-4 days from what i believe when my new equipment is ready for collection at a local Collect+ pickup point.  I was advised once I connect the new equipment it will activate my virgin media account & the old oomph unlimited sim mobile number will be ported to the new O2 sim. 

Sorry my first ever post here is a long one, but whilst I am very happy with the new deal I just wanted to put my mind at rest & make sure nothing untoward is going on here.