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Ultimate volt bundle

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I recently got the ultimate volt bundle the lady on the phone told me I would receive unlimited data on my o2 sim card even the website states this. On the email it says I only get 250gb and when I spoke to the lady on o2 they said I only get 250gb has anyone else experienced this before?


Up to speed

I think that is technically what they called "unlimited" thats what mine says too.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi nishgabas,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear there are some problems with your O2 SIM. As we're still in the process of polishing things up behind the scenes, we are limited on the support we can provide through these Forums.

When taking out Ultimate Volt, you may be provided with a 250GB SIM Card, this should then be "supercharged" to Unlimited through the Volt Benefits that come as part of the package.

If your MyO2 app is showing the 250GB limit rather than "Unlimited", please call O2 Customer Services directly on 0344 809 0202 (or 202 from an O2 handset), so they can look into this further for you.


Reece - Forum Team

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Just for peoples information.... as its based on the tarrif (price) of 250gb,  you get "supercharged" to the next higher tier (i.e UNLIMITED).  So even in myO2 it may say tarrif 250gb as your a volt customer your on the unlimited plan as the volt benefit is applied.  Confusing i know but yes on front / homepage is where you will see its UNLIMITED.  I called o2 and thats what they advised.  

After 14 days (or less), the VOLT benefits will be activated and applied to your o2 account, and the data should show as unlimited rather than 250GB.

It is unlimited. Some people are impatient 😄