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Ultimate Volt bundle - O2 SIM Price Increase

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Hi, I received a SMS from O2 today saying that my unlimited SIM deal is due to increase by 13.4% from this April. This will mean the O2 part of my bill rising to over £29 a month which is scandalous for a sim only plan. If I attempt to downgrade my SIM deal will that affect my ultimate volt bundle with Virgin?

Looking back I wish I would have cancelled it at the beginning but as a new customer of Virgin's I didn't even know that was an option. I don't ideally want to sign up to a new 24 month contract with O2 but I refuse to pay £29 a month for an unlimited SIM when I only use on average 8GB data a month.

Thank you


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You can change your O2 Sim just give O2 a ring when you want to change. My £25 SIM recently went up to £29 so I went for the £16 Sim reduced to £13 with a £3 loyalty discount and 3 months Disney+ and Volt double data.


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Phone 02 to negotiate with them,I pay £7.80 for 16gb data and unlimited text and calls

I'm a long-term O2 customer but it's worth a try