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Ultimate Volt Bundle expiring

Joining in

I am currently on the ultimate volt bundle (paying existing customer prices, so its already higher than the new person offer last year) totalling £76+25, for gig1, anytime landline, sky sports/movies/tnt

My contact price is due to expire in 10 days. Virgin called me to remind me, the new price is going to be £170, and the best they can offer is £123 for the same. What is the best steps here? Shall i just leave and hope they call me back with a better offer? Currently the only package matching is mega volt with gig1 upgrade.

I do actually use all the services provided, internet is used across the household for multiple streaming services/devices/business, Sports channels are on all weekend. Reading this forum i can see people getting exactly the same for even cheaper than my current contract rate.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

What are your alternatives for all these services, from other providers? Presumably you've priced everything up, and you therefore know what your negotiating position is?

While the tone of this reply is a little blunt, the underlying message is genuine - what others can get your services for is immaterial, it's what you can get these services for elsewhere, that matters. It will dictate the offers that VM make available to you - what competition there is in your area.

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Up to speed

Hi okarimnvo,

My advice would be ring again and speak to someone different.

I was in the same position as you as my Ultimate Volt bundle was due to expire in early November. My package included 2 x V6 boxes, M600 broadband and Sky Sports Ultra HD (which was on a half price contract until 7th December 2024).

When I rang through in late September I was told that the new price would be £115 with 1 gig broadband or £109 with M500 broadband (M600 was no longer available). I rejected this.

I rang again a couple of days ago and was offered an 18 month contract for the same full package including 1 gig broadband for £94 per month, less than I am currently paying.

These price do not include my O2 contract.

Please note that whatever price you get it won’t remain the same for long as there is a clause in the contract which states that the price will increase in April 2024 by the Retail Price Index rate of inflation announced in February 2024 plus 3.9%.


Dialled in

I was in the same position as you. I was an Ultimate Volt customer on a similar contract to yours for 18 months which was 30 days from expiring. I rang the first time and spoke to someone who offered a renewal price that I couldn’t agree to. Even downgrading to a cheaper option with M250 speed and freeview was quoted at over £70 a month. I rang the day after and spoke to someone who offered the new mega volt bundle with 1gig just without TNT Sports for over £20 a month cheaper than the price on the first call for the same bundle. Realistically I could manage with a more basic bundle but it was a price I could agree. It’s worth trying again. I said what BT could offer in the area with fibre speeds now. I don’t look too hard at what others say they got a package for because I’m sure there are discounted deals for Virgin and O2 employees. I’m already using an O2 sim so was pleased I didn’t have to take a new one out with my new contract.

Fibre optic

I was paying £85 (1gig, full TV package, 2 boxes, Netflix etc).before my renewal and got an email saying the renewal price was £76  Rang them as I thought it excluded Netflix and they said that price was incorrect and it should have been £124. asked to escalate it and it then wnet up to £152. Carried on the escalation and a very 'helpful' person said they would match my current package price. Fine I said. Within 5 minutes they had blocked all access to one of the boxes, cut the channles on my remaining working box and halved my broadband speed.

Two weeks and I reckon 22 hours of discussions and an engineer came out and replaced the blocked box (they couldnt do it remotely). Now paying £85 which incudes UHD (which to be honest is rubbish).

My issue is that I do need a fast speed because of my job and there isnt another 'fast' supplier available (best os aroubf 60mbps). Otherwise i would have told them where to stick it.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @okarimnvo, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sadly we're unable to assist with package changes on our Community Forums, but do feel free to let us know what you decide to do, and if there's anything issues with the billing of a new agreement or faults with the service, and we'll be on hand to assist in having this resolved with you.