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Ultimate Oomph SIM

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Hi, I have an ultimate Oomph package which comes with an unlimited SIM as part of the deal. I was looking to try and change my package - initially to get the overall cost down a little. I was offered the Volt equivalent package which means I would have to pay £25 per month to O2. I could not get a clear answer about what happens to my Virgin SIM as my son uses this currently. I was quoted a better deal with the Virgin only part of the package but don't want the O2 element - does anyone know if I can continue to use the unlimited Virgin SIM even if I no longer have the Ulltimate Oomph deal as would need to re-contract under the new Volt deal?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Atticus65


Thanks for posting on the forums in regards to your current Virgin Media deal, Oomph SIM and making changes. We appreciate you wanting to get clarification on what's happening or would happen if changes were made.


As Oomph is now not a package we offer (it was replaced by Volt) if you were to change the package the SIM would no longer be free. If you went on to Volt the mobile element would be passed to O2 to facilitate but as you have been mentioned this wouldn't be free.

If you changed the Virgin Media package to another offer, you could continue to use the SIM but the free Oomph package would be removed and a chargeable tariff put on in place.