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Total nightmare volt o2 virgin lies

Fibre optic

Long story

Was offered a deal to Match my package I was on.  And £100 bill credit .

Now it was ment to be £73 total but was first £145 ish.  And then sorted out to £79.   Then finally £73.(why should I have to sit Hours on the line for virgin to fix a virgin issue?)    I was told there send out WiFi pods( lies) .     Then I got 2 Sims. And had to call o2. And cancel one of the Sims.   I did so,  but now just got charged for 2 Sims it's a total nightmare.    The staff on here have been good ash is amazing but Im still missing my £100 I was offered and they said well there's nothing The notes. ( Of course there's nothing on the notes your staff lied to me) not just me there's 100s of people on here been scammed.   

Does virgin care.  Not one but. 

Some one please advise me on the 2 Sims. As O2 don't care  and I don't  want need 2.    I don't even need one tbh I only have it as it's part of the deal (even that's messed up as I was told it's totally unlimited but o2 say it's not.     Help some one struggling in here and in life pls 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Swf, thanks for the message and sorry to have about the issues which you are having with the package and equipment. 

I will send you a private message to look into this further for you. 

Kind regards, 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Swf, thanks for messaging us privately and we are working hard to get this resolved for you. I responded to your PM and hopefully we are able to get this resolved for you soon. - Chris