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Super Hub 5

Tuning in

Hi, can anybody confirm if you can get the SH5 as an upgrade.

Even though I have a sh4 and 3 Wi-Fi pods…. My Wi-Fi coverage is still poor.

im hoping the fair better with the Sh5!




Fibre optic

Sadly at the moment you won’t have an option of a hub 5 because the hub 4 is Capable of all speeds including the 1 gig. I would download the connect app and scan and see if you would benefit from the pods

Wifi max

You would need to download the connect app and run a scan of the rooms in your property and if the app picks any issue and you would benefit from having the pods it will give you the option to order .  The 2nd option would be call customer service where they can do a diagnostic of ur services and they may offer the pods. More info on wifi max*1e7ew67*_ga*MTQ2OTI5NDYxNS4xNjY5MTU3NTY5*_ga_7NQRHWTHK9*M...


If you are an 02 customer and you have volted you would get them free depending on the diagnostics.  If you are a 1 gig customer they are free any other packages you will be charged £8 per month.

I'm pretty sure the most the Super Hub 4 is capable of getting is around 950mb download not the 1gb advertised. I have a 2.5gb network card in my PC with the SH 4 connected and all I can get is 950mb and looking on this forum I'm not the only one saying about this.


I’ve run the software app several times.  I’ve already got 3 pods installed. The pods are connected back to the sh4 via network cable (not Wi-Fi extended).

The SH4’s either software or hardware is just poor 😞

If you're prepared to pay for an upgrade they may offer you one.