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Super Hub 5 1gb customer

Tuning in

Hi i am 1gb customer with hub 4 which is not suitable for 1gb due to its limiting 1gb ports which on a good day with the wind behind it can manage 900mb.... I have been trying to get a hub5 to take advantage of the 2.5gb port so I can actually use what I am paying for, and they will not give me one... I have called numerous amounts of times and get through to a call centre which is as much use as a chocolate tea pot. to say I am disappointed with the level of service... I have neighbours that as just signed up for 1gb and got a hub 5 straight out of the box. all they tell me is I need to wait for email invite well my 18mth contract ends in 2mths and I think I will be jumping ship as BT as just installed Fibre to the property in my aera. I have been with virgin for over 8 years and new customer can get the hub 5.... 


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Hi @unisoft, thanks for your post alhough I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised here.

At the moment, customers already on the 1GB package with a Hub 4 can't yet upgade to the Hub 5. As soon is this is the case, we will invite customer to do so please keep your eyes out for this in the future.

Many thanks

I am sorry but this is not good enough you are selling something your hardware you supply cannot achieve.... Then to top it off you bring out the hub 5 with 2.5gbp and offer to customer on 100 meg... You really cant make this up it is a joke

From what I understand from speaking to various VM people:

1. The HUB5 is in short supply at the moment (chip availability, shipping from China/Taiwan delays)

2. It's being offered to new customers to still entice new business to generate new revenue for what stock is available currently.

3. Existing 1gbps customers are likely to get HUB5 even if on HUB4, just not right now until supply chain is sorted.

4. Existing customers on lower tiers offered HUB5 for those in problem areas where utilisation is more evident and possibly on old superhubs before HUB3 and not a general roll out to those lower tiers. This is a non-public facing VM team that decide this by invitation.

5. Faulty HUB4's are likely to be replaced by another HUB4 (for now), but there have been some cases where an engineer visit has changed to a HUB5 but again this could be in an area where utilisation is an issue and the HUB5 may be better.

6. Still some reports of connectivity issues with WIFI devices to a HUB5 that VM are investigating and also the cause of slower release. The VOIP/landline phone issue has been fixed now.

There seems to be confusion because a standard response of anyone on HUB4, whether 1gbps or not, would not get one. It seems that if you are 1gbps you are likely to be offered a HUB5 when stocks are replenished, and supply chain issue resolved. So, it's a waiting game rather than "you'll never get one", at least for 1gbps customers. I am not sure what the overall plan is for a general roll out on lower tier packages when stock is sorted, because technically a HUB3 or HUB4 works for those tiers even if the WIFI is slower than a HUB5. Those could be a small fee for example to upgrade when the time is right.

Welcome for VM staff to correct me, but I think it's more accurately summed up above and may ease some people's mind on 1gbps service.....

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

They should be issuing all 1gb customers with a sh5 and then refurbing the sh4s for folk on the lower tiers

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They should be issuing all 1gb customers with a sh5 and then refurbing the sh4s for folk on the lower tiers

I don't think many would disagree, but my original reply tries to state the current reason about roll out of hub5. Not sure what will happen with lower tiers, but if eventually after supply chain gets better and 1gbs do get the hub5, then it would make sense to use those returned hub4s many of which probably still good condition.

I am sure most will know of, and fully understand, the difficulties of the international supply chain for many items, including electronics, as the world tries to get back to some level of normality after the impact of Covid. But Virgin, in their nornal bombastic fashion, advertise the fact that Hub 5 is available and you can get it here, so of course existing customers are requesting it. But the resulting 'sorry you cant have one' email that most will have received is somewhat disrespectful to customers.

I am sure if the wording had been phrased better, maybe on the grounds of 'we are starting to ship the new Hub 5 to new customers. As we receive further supply we will contact exisiting Hub 4 customers to arrange an upgrade blah blah blah', our expectations might be lessened.

But hey it is Virgin we are talking about.

Hi @archercj,

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you feel this way about our service.

If you are interested in a hub upgrade, you may find the following link useful


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My Hub 4 is working fine and I'd much rather wait until all the bugs have been squashed in the 5 until I get mine.

Be careful what you wish for.......