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Speed upgrade on virgin

Tuning in

How long does it take for the speed upgrade to happen?


Fibre optic

If you was already a 02 customer you would have to bolt using the 02 app and can take 14 days. If you have took out a new package and getting new eq for eg a new hub or stb once you receive the eq and install and activate that’s when the boost will happen.  If you are not receiving eq usually straight away but it can take upto 24 hrs

Nothing received as yet, checked on my partners phone and it’s showing as volt benefits activated, yet speed increase not done nor is data increase on mobile

Hi Swivel, 

Thanks for your post on the Forums, I am sorry you're still waiting for your Volt Benefits to be added onto your services. 

I can see on my side that you may have spoken to us about this already quite recently, could you tell me whether any agents have sent off a Volt Benefits form yet?

If not, we can do it here 🙂 

Please let me know.