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Speed boost twice?

Joining in

I already have an O2/Virgin sim which is going to give an upgrade of our broadband from 125mb to 250mb.

If my wife also gets a sim, will we get another upgrade to 500mb?



Fibre optic

Next jump would be M350 but unlikely LOL.

But I would also be interested to know. I recently transferred 1 SIM to O2 and been boosted from M250 to M350. I have 2 more SIM left with Virgin to move over... will that take me to M500 and then 1Gbs.

M125 Volt powered by TP-Link Archer AX55

I believe not, the offer for Volt benefits is basically that the broadband account holder has one person at the same address with an O2 sim. Then they get the benefits and a speed increase for no cost. But that’s it; enrol fifty O2 sims to your address, doesn’t matter, you’ve had the Volt benefit already, now jog on!

Now having said that, although the basic idea of ‘benefits’ for customers of both ‘partner’ companies, is, in itself a good idea, it does seem to have been executed with all the panache, competence and attention to edge cases, that VM is known for, ie when it works, it work, otherwise, it all instantly falls apart!

The fact that this very forum, feels the need to have a dedicated ‘Volt’ section, which does seem to be populated with queries and/or complaints, might well speak volumes!