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So what is everyone paying for Volt

Fibre optic

Another post on here showed the current cost of Volt at £85 INCLUSIVE of the O2 SIM and Netflix:


I moved to Volt from Ooomph at the start of April this year and was quoted £85 + £25 for the O2 Sim. Seeing as it just about equated to what I was paying for Ooomph plus I supposedly got Netflix (see my other rants - it appears I am not eligible for it lol) I decided to switch. I also thought, mistakenly, O2 would be better than Vodafone

So what is everyone else paying?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Welcome back to the community archercj,

To clarify, can I ask was the offer taken as a new sale or are you an existing customer?



I am an existing customer.

Dialled in

Notice how this states gig 1 broadband,  so please explain why none of your existing customers who "upgraded" seem to get this, including customers who previously had gig?

Had an interesting chat with the ASA, they seem really interested in the dodgy practices you're employing Virgin, but I guess you'll find that out soon enough 🙂


I had a prompt (thank you to the Virgin CS on here) saying my account shows I will pay £85 + £25 to O2. They state that the have checked the account and can see that the Netflix code has been added and that I should get an email regarding. Not had an email. Not had a revised contract either showing I am now on Volt (and my online contract shows Ooomph).

Not entirely sure I am out of the woods yet as I should be paying £90 as I upgraded Netflix. Will have to wait for my next bill.

I actually feel sorry for the CS guys on here. The Virgin 'system' is clearly flawed in a lot of ways and they must get so hacked off (well if they a conscience) about all this as I am sure they can see the cracks but arent allowed to say anything. We need an ex CS employee whistleblower on here lol