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Signed up for a VOLT contract but now they say I cant have it

Tuning in

Signed up for a deal for a VOLT package which was a good offer, through the virgin page.  Got the contract summary through email and activation date.  Date went by and no activation so contacted them and they said its not available any more

Agent said he had similar for £25 more so had to get that, but he deleted TV, sport and Movies - so no where near similar.

They now want an extra £45 to get them on.

Told them I want to cancel that and return to my old package but it will cost £40 to activate again. Asked for cheapest deal without contract and they tell me they can only offer me a contract.

Hands are totally tied .... not bad for 25 years service.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Alessandro Volta

The text below is on a forum resource macro because I use to so often.  Draw whatever conclusions seem appropriate about Virgin Media from that.

These "didn't get the deal I agreed" situations happen from time to time - in fact they happen regularly with Virgin Media. However, your legal rights are crystal clear - information provided by a company verbally or written is binding if the consumer relies upon it when entering a contract (Section 50 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015), so VM have to honour whatever was promised, whether they like it or not. No matter what VM say about "not the right deal", "can't offer that to you", "deal not on the system", you agreed a contract with their agent, that is now binding . And perhaps they need to re-train some of their staff because yours is a regular complaint in these forums.

Hopefully the forum staff can pick this up and get it sorted - by which I mean that you get exactly the deal you were promised, suitably backdated to when it should have been effective, and an appropriate goodwill gesture (say £70) for the inconvenience and stress. That would be the cheapest and quickest resolution for both parties, and the best way of trying to recover some goodwill in a bad situation. If they can't get it sorted in that complete manner (and don't settle for miserly goodwill payment), you need read the Virgin Media Complaints Code of Practice and raise a formal complaint. I suggest in writing, by recorded post. Reject the contract they're trying to impose, and demanding that as per your legal rights the company honour what was promised, and pointing out that if the company can't honour its agreement you will escalate to Ombudsman Services as soon as permitted by the rules.

If VM still won't honour the contract despite the complaint, or issue a fob-off resolution that doesn't settle things acceptably, then you reply by rejecting the "resolution" and asking for a deadlock letter, with that you take the matter to the Ombudsman. If VM stall and you can't get a deadlock letter then (ignoring that it is a breach of regulations) then eight weeks after your initial complaint was received by VM you can take the matter to the Ombudsman without a deadlock letter. Explain the background and request that VM be required to give you the promised deal, fully backdated, and add on a request for compensation for the hassle.

As I said earlier, hopefully the forum staff can get this resolved quicker and without the formality.

Many thanks for your reply Andrew-G

And thanks for your advice.  I've manage to get through to someone more understanding who has given me a near the package I asked for, and said if I can send proof of conversations (through whatsapp luckily) they will honour it and refund any difference.  

Only problem is the boxes have been disconnected and may need an engineer to turn back on.

I think my politeness won through in the end, but I await the outcome and will go down your route if there is any problems




On our wavelength

Something similar has happened to us. Although we haven't agreed to an alternative contract that they tried to give us. Why can't they just give  us what we signed up for?

Hi willoman1972,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Very sorry to hear of the confusion there has been regarding your package and pricing. I'm glad to hear it's sounds like this has now been resolved! 

If however you do still need help with anything please let us know.


Hi Alex,

I had hope but its not yet been sorted and wasted yet another 2 hours on the phone today.   Every avenue of getting in contact seems to be major hassle with obvious not been added to my account for someone to take over.  

Trying to get through to UK department I was speaking to last week is impossible and I have to go through the lot again.

I was told to upload the proof of my complaint to whatsapp but after 9 hours of speaking to whatever I'm not sure what happened - The messages where just pure comedy - 

[11:01, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: I can see here that you're paying £93/month before under contract and since the contract ends, the regular of the package kicks in and that's £173.88/month. And your package is Volt 1GB Broadband and Maxit TV for 13 years here in Virgin Media.
[11:01, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: No worries! You're in the right department and I will make sure that you will be getting the best deals today with me since you're with the Customer Relations now, we have the best packages and discounts here in Virgin Media.
[11:02, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: I also want you to have the best deal. Since you have me here. I will do my best to help you on this and make sure that you will get the best package that really suits your needs.
[11:03, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: I just want to add files onto my account as spoken to complaints already
[11:10, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: What file do you want to add?


I added the files

[11:13, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: Screen shots of my conversation as this been going on a while
[11:14, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: I also spoke to retention on the phone last week who put me on a new deal which I agreed to but hasn't come on
[11:18, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Give me a moment to look your request
[11:31, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: I can't see the file that you want, can you give it to me to add it my dear

I added again

[11:59, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Let me add that
[12:05, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: thanks
[12:06, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Netflix that you want to add? (no idea why the asked that)
[12:06, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: not needed as have it lready
[12:06, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: already
[12:11, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: What the file that you want?
[12:11, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: I added it earlier, did you not see it?
[12:22, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Okay just checking your account right now
[12:26, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: The file that you add is not appear here right now,


I added it again 

[12:27, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: I will send a again now - they are screen shots - 5 of them
[12:28, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: The Netflix you will be added here (Netflix again ????)
[12:34, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Is there anything else to help you with?
[12:35, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: Have you added the screen shots so I can now ring up and speak to retentions? (no answer)
[12:52, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: We chat only I can give the care number for you
[12:53, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Here's the Care Hotline 150 OR 0345 454 1111
[12:53, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: please let me know if the screenshots are now on my file (no answer)
[12:54, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: I can see here that you no added the Netflix  (still no idea)
[12:58, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: why do you keep mentioning Netflix - I just want the files I sent put onto my account
[13:00, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: I just ask you what files do you want to add (taking the mick now)
[13:04, 12/01/2023] Andy Willo: Screenshots of a previous messages with virgin. They have to be added to my file so I can speak to Virgin retention / complaints department about them
[13:59, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Your package is Maxit TV and Volt GB (500-1GB) Broadband - (and then they cut me off)
[14:04, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Sorry we seem to have missed you! If you would like to continue your conversation today, just let me know 😊
[14:04, 12/01/2023] Virgin Media: Please select below 👇
1) Yes, continue ✔️
2) No, I am finished


So on the phone as we speak but not getting very far, been put through to 5 people, refuse to me through to UK and one person they put me through was having some sort of party in background.

Sure I'll update soon - again I'm being as polite as poss


Unfortunately not Alex

Another 2 hours on the phone today and a few hours with a joke of a whatsapp message  with whatever I was talking too.  Only wanted to put on my record proof of my claim which Virgin asked for and they kept on asking if I wanted Netflix - 5 times.  Put the files on 4 times, asked again if they had it, told me my the deal I was on and cut me off - so still no idea if they have the proof now.

Getting through to complaints is impossible through all avenues. 4 times passed round on the phone today, refused to put me through to UK, one person was having a party in the background - did apologise but then started laughing and cut me off.

So the deal - £35 more than the original deal without movies ............... had no choice but to get it but would also like a official complaint made, but god knows how that works.  End of the message was would I recommend Virgin Media to a friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not --- I'm 50 years old, computer operator and can honestly say no company I have ever dealt with has got me so angry I feel like I need to complain -  so well done Virgin Media for that.

Going forward - not sure weather to contact trading standards, guessing not.  Just got to find a new deal before this one runs out in 18 months with a new supplier.

Ignore this this maty have hit 'post' accidentally, before being ready.,....

Not 'Trading Standard', well it might come to this but for now...

Now here's the legally binding part, 'were you offered a 'deal' by someone who a reasonable person might well assume was entitled to make such an offer*'? Furthermore, did you 'accept' said offer - and the reason for putting some words in quote marks, is because they are legally significant. Now if you did get an offer and accepted same, well that just about seals it.

Now let's assume that the OP has proof or reasonable supposition that this deal was offered to him/her, said offer was 'accepted' but now VM have decide to back track on it? Now that's not good as it is actually illegal! And it won't go down well when inevitably it gets escalated to the industry adjudicators, no? to the 

Just a suggestion to the forum team that this gets sorted out amicably - otherwise we all know where this is heading, no?

* For example, a VM call centre worker claims that they can offer you 5 Gig broadband, all the TV channels plus the Duchess of Cambridge comes round twice a week and cleans your house! But when Kate doesn't turn up, you don't actually have any comeback on the grounds that the person making the contact and promising the terms wasn't in a position to promise it and a 'reasonable' person would understand and accept that!

On our wavelength

We have experienced something similar whereby we put through an order for a deal online at a very good price that was never activated. This was on 15th December and nearly a month has passed.

I suspect Virgin Media now ting our deal is too cheap and want to renage on it. We have emails confirming the details so to my mind this constitutes a binding agreement. I tried to speak to so-called customer service but all they are interested in is trying to sell me a similar deal over £45 more expensive than the one we ordered.

I have submitted a complaint via the website asking for the deal we accepted to be honoured and implemented. We will see, but I'm not holding my breath. This is going all the way to the Ombusman if necessary as this is a shocking way to treat loyal customers if over 20 years standing!