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Joining in

When Virgin were installing in the area I emailed the community liaison person, several times to get an idea of when it would go live, he just chose not to ever reply. I only want virgin internet, nothing else. 

I signed up to get a £100 bill credit and be informed when it would go live, never heard anything. 

I checked recently and it's live in the area. Thanks for letting me know! 

Chased for the bill credit on the online chat... they could only do £50...well that's not £100! 

They said someone would call me...who offered £90...which I was happy with just wanted to do it myself online.. That wasn't an option! 

Then had someone knock the door from Virgin... He had "great offers" available. No just the ones on the website, which aren't that great and guess what - No he couldn't do a bill credit

What do I have to do to get the promised bill credit !! 

First, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th impressions of Virgin are apalling, if I could use someone else I would - Don't you want our business??!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Morning @gerwynd, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing when attempting to sign up for our services.

We would have to advise that we can only assist customers who are set up with our services currently, and experience a fault or billing issue.

In this instance, we would need to point you towards our Sales Team who can be contacted via 0800 183 1234

Thanks for your time, and we hope you're able to find a suitable deal with our team


I think it's pretty clear that I've been unable to find a suitable deal with your sales team. 

Sorry to hear that the team weren't able to find a suitable deal for you @gerwynd 

I can see on our systems that since posting this you have spoken to the team and this all looks sorted for you. 


Please let us know if you are having any further issues or have any questions at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed 🙂


Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent