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Should I change to Volt or Sky?

Joining in

Looking for some advice if possible,

Seeing all the issues regarding people changing from Ooomph to Volt i'm starting to wonder whether i'm better off leaving Virgin altogether and go to Sky.

Seeing issues with bills being wrong aswell as netflix details/links not being sent out it seems that since the joining of o2 and virgin the service im general has fallen.

I have spoken to the VCS team and have been offered multiple different prices for the same Ultimate Volt bundle ranging from £82 upto £120!! The wording they use is also different dependant on who you speak to and that gets confusing. Some for example are offering a '£74 a month deal with an o2 sim' the way I understood this was I would pay £74 which included the o2 sim. Nope, what was meant was '£74 with an o2 sim added for £25'. Others are saying 'it's £95 a month with an o2 sim included' surely there should be a certain way to describe this as the £95 was my 1st offer from retentions that I declined and then after being told I could get that bundle for £74 from somebody else I jumped at it to then be told the o2 sim was an extra £25. Can understand how people are feeling like they have been miss-sold their package.

Anyway i've gone on for too long.

For those who have gone from the Ultimate Ooomph bundle to the Ultimate Volt bundle would you recommend or should I stay clear?

Thanks on advance for your help!



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Volt bundles are quoted as one price, but billed as two separate elements - so your VM bit is discounted by the amount of the O2 element making a combined total.

Retentions offers are also "of the moment", so if you've been offered a price - then as soon as you terminate the call without accepting, that offer is null & void. This probably explains the varying prices you've been offered.

As to whether Volt works for you, IMO largely depends whether you want to have VM-fixed line services & O2-mobile services... if you, it makes sense to have the bills combined with the associated discounting. If either/or services don't work for you - then no amount of discounting makes an inappropriate service worthwhile.

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I tried Volt, but as I didn't need to O2 sim I didn't activate it (as I was told by both VM and O2 was fine). It took 2 hours on the phone to VM to work out this caused the cancellation of my Volt service, and only O2 could sort it!

I rang sky (I'd been with them until a few days before this). Within 10 minutes, I was watching Sky movies. They are more expensive, but you pays for what you get. Also, the Sky/Netflix linking works much better - you get an email from sky, click a link, select "I already have an account" and enter your netflix details... hey-presto! Sky gets added as a payment method to your Netflix account (which is included on the deal I'm on - and it's Netflix Premium too)

I recently moved to Virgin TV after 12 years being with Sky, because Virgin packages looked £ attractive.  I chose the ultimate volt package.
I have had several/various issues and faults with Virgin so far.   Each issue/fault taking numerous efforts and time by me to resolve with Virgin.  Bit of an uphill struggle overall really.
Unfortunately for me, my 14 days with Virgin have now passed and so I am now tied to them for 18 more months.

I agree with what marklewiss666 has already said in this thread ... [Sky] "are more expensive, but you pays for what you get". 
Various [little?] things are just so much easier/better with Sky.  But the [little] niggles with Virgin do add up.

I've still got Sky for another day or two before my Sky contract ends (I'm going to miss it).  My Netflix account is/was paid for very easily and smoothly by Sky as part of my Sky Package.  

Given what I have now read in countless community postings herein, I am no longer hopeful for my Netflix handover to Virgin (in next few days) to be either easy or smooth 😞     Hope I'm wrong 🤞🤞🤞

You get a better deal with Volt because VM is able to move you from the virtual Virgin Mobile running on Vodafone (which costs money) to O2 (which costs nothing). Yes, there are two bills (from VM and O2) but I see no problem with that.

However if you can still do better with Sky or BT TV then jump ship.

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