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Refund for braodband outage

Tuning in

It somebody picks this up can you put through a refund for our outage. Down since Saturday fixed last night. Thanks 


Alessandro Volta

You'll get nothing, I'm afraid.  The regulator's rules are as follows:

14. Subject to paragraph 40 (exceptions) a Communications Provider must pay
automatic compensation to a customer if:

a. a customer reports a Total Loss of Service in relation to their fixed line or
broadband service to their Communications Provider; and

b. following an engineer visit or remote testing and diagnosis, a Total Loss of
Service is identified and a fault is (or should have been) recorded on that
line or service; and

c. such fault is not resolved by 11.59pm on the day two working days after
the fault is reported by a customer (the “Payment Trigger Time”), unless
the customer has requested a later date for repair. For example, if a fault
is reported on a Monday, compensation will become payable if the fault
has not been fixed by the Payment Trigger Time of 11.59pm on

So if you reported it on Saturday, then the two working days commenced on Monday, and if fixed Monday evening that's well within the limit that in your case would have been 11:59pm on Tuesday.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @SharkEnergy2020 thanks for reaching back out to us on the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear that you have had an issue with your services.
To be registered for loss of service, please check here.
Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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