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Recently signed up to ultimate volt bundle

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I am a new customer and chose the ultimate volt bundle which included the hub 5.  I have been given a hub 4.  I have had no help with customer service who say there are no hub 5's at the moment and they have not been rolled out yet..  I feel like I have been mis sold this package.  Has anyone else been given a hub 5 with there new installation?  Not a happy customer 😞


Alessandro Volta

I can understand your disappointment at being mis-sold the package with the old Hub.   But you have 14 days to cancel the contract without charge.

In your position I'd phone in, choose the options for 'thinking of leaving us' and tell them that you are cancelling because it's not what you ordered.  I'll bet they will find you a Hub 5 pretty soon.


Dialled in

I'm an existing customer and signed up for the UV package when my contract expired.  The upgrade package included a Hub 4 rather than the Hub 5 I was expecting.

I agree with you about the mis-selling though, having been advised that the mini-box would connect via wifi.  From the forum here it's pretty clear it can't and wasn't designed to!

Overall, the UV package has pretty much met my expectations and I'm not sure what the Hub 5 would do for me that the Hub 4 doesn't...


i thought the virgin mini set-top box can connect via wifi OR are you talking about the virgin co-ax cable from externally from the property is needed AND wifi to the router (without a ethernet cable from mini box to router?)

I signed up for UV two months ago and had several issues and a lot of phone calls and DMs etc. I have these problems sorted now (yesterday) but it did take quite a lot of effort and chasing people ( we shouldn’t need to do that)…. My confidence in VM had deteriorated to an all time low but it has been restored ( hopefully not temporary) due to the efforts that VM staff (Molly T) and forum manager put in to fix the problems that I experienced….it wasn’t the plain sailing experience that I was hoping for but have got what I should have got now.

Hope you get things sorted…..put in a complaint on the VM web page and see how that goes.