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Phone call from 08001836408 offering volt Netflix and SIM for £80

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Hello I had a phone call from 08001836408 offering Volt package upgrade for an additional £6 to be upgraded from ultimate oomph 600.

I didn't know if this was Kosher and it was I think but kicking myself for not taking the deal now.

The gentleman said he would call back as the line was bad. Netflix an 02 SIM and Gig 1 were offered but when I phoned the team they have no record.

 I am also still contracted but expressed my interest when I phoned back but they say it would be a lot more than that. Has anyone else had calls from this number and why do they not record what they offer so others can see it?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Slimcraigy, 

Thank you for your post 🙂 
I can confirm the number above is from our sales team.


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Hi thanks for the reply. I find it strange Virgin have no record of it when I phoned back and said they can only do the package for £95 now.

I probably should have taken the deal but wasn't expecting it and have to think sometimes about signing new contracts especially asu current one isn't ending soon. Feel I missed out now. Thanks for replying anyway.

On our wavelength

Just thought I would reply here again.

Virgin did phone again today after last week saying it would be £80 this time he originally said "I see we called and offered £50" which wasn't true but I let him carry on.

I can't remember the wording as he didn't say £50 for the Ultimate Volt bundle just mentioned £50.

I went through the process of him offering the same thing but this time it had increased to £84 something.

I did do the deal in the end as I felt I missed out last time but should have said I would think about it. It is an OK deal I suppose.

I don't know how I get the extra listed on the Virgjn website from 02 (Disney plus or Mcafee 6 months etc) and he didn't mention that to me. Does anyone know how to do this?

Strange thing is my broadband speed on Gig 1 seems worse and more erratic than on 600. 

I experienced this last time I switched to Gig 1 (briefly). Upload is near full speed but download has decreased a bit and is way more varied on speed tests. I wonder if the speed is throttled on Gig 1 vs 600.

I was a bit weary after last time as Virgin said it may have been a Scam and even the gentleman today said the same although I was still a bit weary today and didn't give out any unnecessary information.

I still don't know why he knew I had been called recently and when I phoned Virgin they couldn't find any record of the call. May just be me but I think it's strange although I know they have different dedicated departments.

Just a heads up if anyone stumbles across this post I believe I could have gotten a better deal/ lower price if I said I'd think about it. I was nowhere near contract ending either so probably locked in a high price even if it is around what new customers pay.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@slimcraigy wrote:

I don't know how I get the extra listed on the Virgjn website from 02 (Disney plus or Mcafee 6 months etc) and he didn't mention that to me. Does anyone know how to do this?

The extras you mentioned are part of the O2 Extras which you may qualify for as a Volt  customer.

Info below from, 

O2 Terms

If your household is with both Virgin Media and O2 with Volt benefits, you can read O2’s terms on the O2 site

Extras from O2

Get up to 6 months on us depending on eligible tariff you select (“Extra Period”). Up to 6 months Extra Period:  Cafeyn, McAfee, Audible Amazon Music Unlimited and Disney+. You’ll be automatically opted a paid monthly subscription after Extra Period: Cafeyn £7.99pm, McAfee £4.99pm, Audible £7.99, Amazon Music Unlimited £9.99, Disney+ £7.99pm. Opt out at any time. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Charges applied to O2 bill & are subject to change. Eligibility & redemption: must purchase new eligible tariff direct from O2. Select Extra within 28 days of making qualifying purchase & redeem within 28 days of selecting Extra. You may not be eligible to select Partner if you hold an existing account with Partner. Must set up Partner account & agree to their terms of use. Excludes Amazon Prime Video for purchases made via a Virgin Media sales channel or O2 tariffs that are part of a bundle or service with Virgin Media. Disney+: cannot benefit from more than one Extra Period. RRP £7.99pm. International Bolt On: direct with O2, terms & additional charges apply. Will apply for 36 months or until you leave, cancel or upgrade. Costs £1pm or is free depending on eligible tariff you select, £3pm thereafter. The O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Extra is a daily allowance of unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and speed capped data roaming (capped at 500kbps) subject to fair usage at no extra charge, in one of our 27 international destinations, non-commercial use only. No upper use limit on data but traffic management steps will apply. Will apply for 36 months or until you leave, cancel or upgrade. Terms & additional charges apply. Tariff eligibility criteria applies which includes being a UK resident, 18+. For how to claim & full terms:

Priority from O2

Priority is an O2 service. Active Virgin Media broadband customers only. 16+. Internet access and registration required. Offers subject to eligibility criteria and availability. Terms apply, see the Priority app or

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Hello thanks for the reply.

I have been on the 02 website and it says to click the + (extras) on the account.

I can't see that on the page when logging into the account although possibly it may only be available when my SIM arrives.

I'm not sure and thought I'd be able to see the account/ SIM deal upon registration but can't yet so may need to phone them to check this.

Unless proper set up got skipped when I was a bit weary about giving certain details to the gentleman on the phone.

I did click the email link and register though but it just says you have no products and services. I may ring them tomorrow and see what they say.

Thanks for the reply 

Hello I just thought I would ask if you (or anyone) knew if the £200 bill credit was new customers only or new customers to Volt?

It says the package should include bill credit on Ultimate Volt.

Regards Craig S