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Overcharged billing mis-sold package

Hi there,

So I entered into a contract via whatsapp with a Virgin cust service agent the day after my previous contract had expired 07/04. Offered a Volt package @ £95 a month, £70 to Virgin, £25 to O2. This rolled over and started on the 08/04 with first billing assured by the agent starting 08/05 with Direct Debits split to both companies. Not only did the agent somehow get the DD dates wrong but also the charges. I have been billed immediately from the 8th April with 02 and Virgin at a rate of £155 a month for virgin and £25 for 02. And then again the following month in May, of £151.68 and £25 with 02.  Neither Virgin bills make sense (should be £70 a month) and I have finally lost my patience with Virgin as many promises from various agents were made to rectify the account, credit the account and correct the billing. Nothing has been addressed and in my last communication was offered a £30 credit on my account for their mistake! But no change in charges levied, because that wasn't possible, apparently! 02 however have apologised for the mix up, credited my account for starting the contract too early and have addressed everything in 1 day! Virgin? 7 weeks and now they have suspended services due to non payment which I obviously won't be paying until they correct the billing. I feel like I've exhausted all avenues, have raised a complaint (no response) and now wish to know the best way to proceed legally to remove this bill and terminate the agreement at no cost or fault to me, due to Virgin's mis-selling and overbilling. All agreed in WhatsApp, no signing but have evidence of conversation and agreement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Sorry for long winded message! 


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Overcharged billing mis-sold package

I'm sure Forum staff can help get this sorted out but you need to be clear on what outcomes are needed to sort this out. 

You say you want to cancel, if that's so then you've ample grounds to do so, stick to your guns for cancellation without penalty and refund of all incorrect sums taken, late payment surcharges.  In addition you are reasonably entitled to compensation for (a) the incorrect contract, (b) poor customer service, (c) ineffectual complaint handling.  And finally, if you've (reasonably) withheld payment VM will have marked your credit history with defaulted payments, so any settlement needs to include clearing up the credit history mess they have created.

Of course, if staff can't sort this out, then it'll be another trip to the industry complaints adjudicator, either Financial Services Ombudsman or CISAS, resulting in high case costs for VM, followed by the embarrassment of yet another case found in favour of the customer.  

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Overcharged billing mis-sold package

Hello bigheavey, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community. I am so sorry to hear about this experience you have received. 

I want to look into this personally for you, so please can you look out for the purple envelope as I am going to DM you. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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