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One of the millions victims of fraud by VM

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I have been dealing with this simple upgrade for over a month and the issue still hasn't been resolved. I've tried contacting agents from Whatsapp, webchat and hotline but they all failed to assist me. I'm hoping the forum staff could help me out here.

18/07/23 - Contacted VM Whatsapp agent S to renew my plan to BB Solus Bundle with Volt 350 (250-350) Broadband for £26 a month. Apart form broadband it also includes an O2 sim card. I only received an O2 contract instead of a VM one. Agent said it might take up to 3-5 days to update so I waited.

19/07/23 - VM issued a bill with the wrong amount because the agent didn’t process to correctly (confirmed and quoted from agent J on 1/8, see below)

31/07/23 - Waited more than 5 working days but the contract/ package still hasn't been updated so I reached out to VM hotline and was told they had no assess to Whatsapp agent record so they had no idea what was discussed/ promised.

01/08/23 - Contacted agent J via webchat and she said and I quote "the previous agent didn't process it correctly" and changed my package to £26 per month. Later that day I was charged £5 from O2.

02/08/23 - Contacted agent M via webchat. I was told the contract would state £44 with a rolling credit to match the deal of £26. I questioned since being charged £5 from O2, the monthly fee for VM should be £26 - £5, otherwise I'm paying £31 which was not what was promised. Agent did nothing but said he would file the feedback.

08/08/23 - Contacted agent G via webchat. I explained everything again and was confirmed by agent G to pay £21 to VM and £5 to O2. I requested to put this information on the contract but agent G said I would receive a separate email about the discount, which never came through. The current (then) bill is overdue that day and the agent reassured I would not need to pay for that since the amount was wrong. The new contract stated that the new bill would be generated on 21/08/23 so there's nothing I could do but wait till that day to view the bill.

21/08/23 - New bill & breakdown received. It stated that I need to pay £81.4. First, I’m still being charged late payment fee. Second, as per the record my new contract was commenced on 18/07/23. The previous month payment (19/07/23 to 10/09/23) was still wrong even after rounds of chats and amends. Obviously what agent G told me on 08/08/23 was a lie because the same wrong amount is being charged, and late payment fee is applied to me as punishment.

As for next period (11/09/23 to 10/10/23) they finally got the right billing amount of £35 with discount/ credit of £14 for. But the credit is applied as one-off so I am not sure will I be charged wrongly or not for the month after.

As you can see this issue has been dragging for more than a month and still hasn't settle. What I'm hoping to achieve is:
1. Confirmation of a 18-month contract of £21/month to VM
2. Correction of my bill ASAP
3. Reassurance of no penalty as this whole drama is no fault of mine but the miscommunication among VM staffs and their systems.

I am very disappointed with the chaotic arrangement. Virgin Media kept promising things that were not carried out. This is a complete waste of my time and I feel like being blown off and not treated seriously. If it is not a strategic of VM for selling their service through fraud and scam, then most of the staffs need to be re-training again until they are competent for their jobs.

I wish to resolve this as soon as possible as I don't want my service to be restricted due to bill overdue which was not my fault.

I have saved all chat screenshots & transcripts and call recordings, and happy to provide when needed. Is there anyway we can resolve this before I have no choice but seek third party/ legal advice?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @CheukMin 

Thanks for getting in touch.

I am sorry to hear of the billing and package dispute. I will PM you now to assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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I received an email from VM this morning saying a spend limit of £30 has been applied to me. If I don’t pay a fee of £24.9 along with a £7.5 late payment charge before the limit runs out my service will be limited. I have checked my current bill and the last one, there’s no amount that matches £24.9. I have no idea where that amount came from.

Like I said above, I followed the instructions given by VM agents and waited for the bill to be renewed. Agent G said I could use the conversation as a proof of not needing to pay the wrong bill.

I feel like Virgin Media has put a clicking timer on me and it is not helping the matter but only trying to stress me out. I have been constantly in touch with the agents about my queries many times over the past month and it has proven that they are incapable of setting a simple upgrade as this. Everything is written down black and white. I wish to settle this dispute ASAP and for VM to honour what was promised over and over again.