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O2 Volt Questions

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I have a VM package which includes broadband, TV and an O2 SIM. I went through the migration previously so the SIM is managed separately through O2. I also renegotiated the VM part of my package in the Spring, when they imposed new contract terms, so I signed up to a new 18 month contract at that point, but my O2 SIM remains on the old contract duration, and is expiring in December. In my VM app the broadband shows as Gig1 Volt Speed Boost.


  1. Am I right in thinking that if I cancel the O2 SIM, I will retain 1Gbit speed boost for the duration of my VM contract?

  2. Can I cancel just the O2 SIM before December and avoid fees as a result of the new changes to the VM contract terms (I've had "the email")? Or would I have to cancel the VM part too?

Thanks in advance.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, manielebo.
Thank you for joining the VM community and for posting on our help forums for the first time, a warm welcome on board! 🙂

We're sorry to hear you wish to cancel your O2 SIM and for the confusion regarding our Volt deals and packages.
We'll do our best to explain things for you! 

When you sign up for a Volt package, as in our older Oomph deals this involves a mobile SIM which is inseparable part of this deal and therefore the given price.

If you're looking to remove the O2 SIM (meaning cancel your mobile SIM and deal with O2) the Volt package would be switched to non-Volt which means the price of your Volt deal would be affected by this change.

The reason is because Volt means having VM cable and O2 mobile combined, which enables some additional/higher discounts to your account each month.
By removing O2, the deal you're on will turn to a VM only deal and your Volt discounts will be removed automatically - you may at this point call our team at 0345 454 1111 and go through your options to negotiate a new package/contract and we can offer a quote for it.

Same applies with your speed boost, as a requirement you need to be on a Volt deal to retain this so if O2 part of the bundle is removed you'll be reverted back to the speeds before boosting.

We do hope this clarifies things, please contact O2 mobile at 202 from your mobile number if you wish to see what SIM deals are best in order to renew your SIM plan and keep Volt benefits on.

Forum Team

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