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O2 New Sim Contract

Joining in

Good afternoon.

I was called by a customer rep last night and offered to sign up to a new 18 month contract.

I currently have 125 mb broadband, maxit TV and landline

I was offered the Bigger Volt bundle - 1 gig broadband, maxit tv, landline and O2 sim for £10 more than I pay now. The £10 extra was for the O2 sim. I would also get a new wifi router and 360 TV box upgrade from Tivo

I asked if I could have the package without the Sim but was told I had to have the whole bundle to get the offer.

I phoned customer service today to discuss if I could look at cheaper packages as I won't use the Sim and am happy with my current speed. I was told I could stay on my current package and equipment for the same price or I could cancel the O2 sim as this is a separate contract and won't affect my new deal.

I would just like to clarify - if I cancel the £10 a month O2 Sim contract within 14 day cooling off period, can I remain on the Bigger Volt bundle and stay on the same price and keep the upgraded equipment?

Many thanks 




Alessandro Volta

If you are happy with your present speed and price, keep it.

VM are not doing you any favours, any offer they make is to get more cash from you one way or another.