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O2 Mobile Contract

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Have just renegotiated my VM package. Now have Volt Gig1 broadband, Maxit TV and Anytime Chatter. My previous contract required me to take out a sim only deal with O2, which is now coming up to the end of the original 18mth contract. If I cancel my O2 contract (i don't use it) will it affect my VM contract?


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Recently renegotiated my VM contract. Now have Volt Gig1 Broadband, Maxit TV and Anytine Chatter. When I took out my previous deal it required me to take out an O2 sim only contract. Original contract period (18mths) is coming to an end and I want to cancel my O2 contract. If I do will it affect my new VM contract?

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Have recently renegotiated my package with VM.  My previous VOLT contract required me to take out contract with O2 for SIM only.  The O2 contract will have run for the original 18mths on 25th August.

My new contract with VM is Volt Gig1 Broadband, Maxit TV and Anytime Chatter.  Could anyone advise if I can cancel my O2 contract (I don't need the mobile as have a better deal elsewhere) without affecting my current VM contract please?

Hi Akela 👋🏼.


Thank you for posting and welcoming you back onto the community forum 😊.


It should not affect your Virgin Media contract if you decide to end it with O2. 


You can keep a track of all your contract ending and start dates by signing into our app. 


Click this link to access the Virgin Media app. 


Thank you.  

Ari - Forum Team

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