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New package - can I cancel SIM part?

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I have just been given a new package that has 02 sim card and was told if i don't want it to cancel it, can i do this without any problems?



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No you will have a contract with O2 for the same length as your Virgin contract.

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i have same issue

my original virgin package came to end of contract on the 22nd.

rang to cancel same day

was offered upgrade and 02 sim for £111,

02 sim deal was £25,the tv bb and landline was £86

was told i could cancel the 02 deal within 14 days and just keep the other deal but i dont even know where i can cancel the 02 side of it?


If you ring virgin you can get put on to 02 and tell them you wish to cancel it and they will ask you for details that you should have with the pack they sent you. I cancelled mine but received a text today saying i owed them £25 pounds and if I did not pay on time I would incur a rolling £6 each time. I phoned them up and told them I had cancelled on the 16th of July within the 14 days and when I told them that if it was not sorted out I would report them to Watchdog and they assured me straight away I would not be charged for anything so don't take any rubbish. This is all down to Virgin offering a package that includes 02 and then telling you to cancel it and it is very bad practice and is a take on. Everytime you have to go cap in hand like Oliver to get a new deal and I have been with them for 15 years plus and find it disgusting that new people joining get all l am getting for less we should be offered the same deals it is yet another rip off by Virgin and if it was not for my boys wanting the sports channels I would dump them tomorrow and l know that many other people go through the same thing. Anyway enough of my ranting and I hope you get sorted out and cancel before your 14 days are up. 

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I was told that it comes as part of the package, if you cancel the sim it's the same as removing something from your package and the price will go back to what it was. Saying that though, everyone gets told something different.....

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Very Insightful Person

Info below from Terms and Conditions TV, Fibre and Phone_POST_17_June_22 20v5.pdf 

5. You will not be able to unenroll from the Volt benefits once they have been activated, unless you decide to cancel both your eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Plan and your Virgin Media residential broadband service (or if the eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Plan registered at your address is cancelled by the relevant account holder), as applicable. If you cancel your eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Plan within 14 days of: (a) you receiving your O2 SIM following you purchasing an eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Plan; or (b) you re-contracting to an eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Plan at the same time as purchasing Virgin Media broadband services, you may become ineligible for the Volt benefits for your Virgin Media services. Depending on the services you

1. we may remove any applicable Volt broadband speed boost;
2. if you have chosen to subscribe to Intelligent WiFi Plus, you will no longer be entitled to receive the Intelligent WiFi Plus service for free (unless you take Gig1 Fibre Broadband) and standard pricing will be applied going forward; and
3. if you were receiving the Ultimate Volt Bundle and you have cancelled your O2 Unlimited SIM, where you are the registered account holder of it, we may move your Virgin Media services to the Bigger Sports & Movies Bundle (or the nearest equivalent bundle to Bigger Sports & Movies available at the time). If you would prefer to move to a different package, you should call Virgin Media to discuss your options.
6. If you subsequently cancel your eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile Plan, where you are the registered account holder of it, or it is cancelled by the relevant account holder after the 14 day period referred to in paragraph A.5 above, the Volt benefits for your Virgin Media services may be lost when you next recontract to Virgin Media’s services.
7. If we remove your Volt benefits from your Virgin Media services in accordance with our rights in paragraph A.5 or A.6 above, your Virgin Media services shall continue and your Virgin Media minimum period will be unaffected. Save for Sections A.5 and A.6 above, your Virgin Media services are entirely unaffected by the cancellation of O2 services whether by you directly or the relevant account holder at your  residential address.

B. Volt Broadband Speed Boost
1. Your speed will only be boosted to the next Virgin Media broadband speed tier available to you at your premises at the point of you placing your order to become supercharged with Volt.
2. You’ll receive confirmation from us when we have applied your broadband speed boost.
3. In the event that you become ineligible for the Volt benefits for your Virgin Media services, any applicable broadband speed boost may be removed and your Virgin Media broadband package will be downgraded
to the preceding speed tier available at the time of boost removal.

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so from above if i understand

you cant remove after 14 days has passed and you have been activated and keep your virgin package.

you can remove within 14 days and still keep your virgin package



As far as I know yes. I have a contract of what I get and as far as I am concerned that is the price i will pay every month as per the conversation i had with the person who gave me the deal. 

Hey Golfer1957, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are looking to cancel the sim

If you got the sim through the VOLT deal you would have had 14 days to cancel this sim card.

Also because it is an O2 sim card I wouldn't be able to cancel it you would need to contact O2.

You can contact them on 0344 809 0202, they are open Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm and Saturday: 9am - 5pm.

Please let me know if you need any more help today. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

i contacted them thru facebook and they cancelled mine in about 20 mins.