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Settling in

I have a VM package that has Netflix included but have an account with Netflix already. How do I link my existing Netflix account to VM and save myself £10.99 a month. I’ve tried all the so called guides without success. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Barry0119 

The info below is from /the-legal-stuff/terms-and-conditions-bundles-with-netflix.pdf 

3. In order to enjoy the Netflix service as part of your eligible bundle, you will need to activate the Netflix service by completing the Netflix activation process. You will receive instructions on how to activate the Netflix service via email or text message. If you decide not to activate Netflix Standard, this will not reduce or amend the price of
your eligible bundle, but it will mean you won’t have access to Netflix Standard as part of the service.
4. If you already have an existing Netflix account, you can link it to your eligible bundle when you activate Netflix as part of your eligible bundle. Netflix will continue to charge you separately for your existing Netflix account until you link that account to your eligible bundle. For any queries regarding your billing with Netflix or for your existing Netflix account please contact Netflix directly

Also, does the following netflix help page answer your question?


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Fibre optic

Now I'm going to make a fairly controversial, I'm sure, suggestion here - don't!

Take a look at the many, many threads on here regarding 'issues' shall we say, with the Netflix provision via VM. Now if you were to go ahead, then in all probability it'll work OK and you'll save £11 per month. Except, when it fails it seems to fail catastrophically, and tales of VM customers being without Netflix for months, eventually getting it back for a month and then it fails again are not too uncommon.

So just how important is Netflix to you? Paying twice for it, yes, does stick in the caw a bit, no? Is the potential hassle worth £11 a month?


It took nearly three months for the activation email to turn up, however VM refunded my first two payments to Netflix, and Netflix refunded the third payment.

Its hard to work out what of my various calls and complaints actually sorted this, but my last contact was this forum and the activation email arrived a day later.

To be clear not matter what anyone tells you the only way this works is the activation email via an IT ticket been raised, so using different web browsers, clearing caches, looking for non existent tiles in my virgin media, blood sacrifices to the sun god will not work

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Barry0119 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

Can you please confirm that you've tried following the advice provided by @newapollo

General information on watching Netflix with Virgin Media can be found here.

Please pop back to us whenever you're ready and we'll do our very best to help.


Tuning in

I’ve just done this with no problem at all. I cancelled my Netflix account and let it run out. When that happened I went to the Netflix channel on the V360 box and it said I had Netflix through virgin now. I clicked next and it came up with the sign in page with my email address filled in. I changed this to the email address my Netflix account was registered to (I have iCloud and gmail and virgin is on one and Netflix on the other). It then found the account and asked for the password linked to that account. Success. Then on the final page I had the option to choose standard already included with my virgin account or pay £5 a month extra to upgrade to premium which will be billed through virgin. My account is now identical, all my watchlists were saved. I think the key is to cancel Netflix and wait until it stops working, which will be the next billing due day. Then sign up through the virgin tv box. Hope this makes sense

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey markybaby6666, thank you so much for posting on this thread and for your helpful advice and feedback in regard to activating Netflix with us.

Many kudos to you! 🙂
And to our very insightful members above too, of course.

My colleague Daniel will assist Barry119 with the issue, rest assured.

Feel free to give us a shout if you need any help with your services and we'll be around to help.

Forum Team

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