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On our wavelength

Upgraded package to include free Netflix not received e mail with link to sign in tried phoning three times still no e mail link tried manage Netflix on app that's not working either any one help appreciated


On our wavelength

Another week goes by even virgin media reps on forum have given up saying ticket raised etc they have also given up hope of Netflix issue ever

@onionsm wrote:

Another week pases and still no reply from virgin media team 🤔

being sorted

On our wavelength

Had hour to kill called again was advised ticket closed as item resolved absolute joke and surprise surprise  have to raise another ticket and still no netflix this company is a joke once contract over never use virgin again 

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If you haven't already I would encourage you to report to CISAS. 

I am also disappointed to see that upon me agreeing with Virgin Media to leave my contract they have closed the complaint as resolved. To this day I still dont have Netflix and I am still a customer until 06/10/2022. 

I have also flagged the issue to BBC Watchdog hoping that it may catch their attention and they may choose to probe this publicly further with Virgin. In all my life of contracts with utility companies, Virgin has been truly the worst experience I have ever had. The Virgin Media brand has been damaged forever in my eyes and as you know from numerous academic research customers always share their story with others in their immediate social circles. 

Feedback for Virgin:

1) Someone senior at Virgin Media/Liberty Global should reach out to Maria Ferreras, Global Head of Partnerships. Maybe Netflix can help you solve these systematic issues. 

2) Offshore callcentres. I would urge you to review how profitable these are. They have wasted countless hours of mine and your time over a number of months. Effective and efficient customer services has to be better for Buisness?

3) Transparency. I do not believe you have been as transparent as possible with me and other customers. You havent updated the pinned Netflix post since May 2022. 

4) Complaints handling process, inadequate. You seem to multiple issues where complaints dont get recorded, call backs dont get made and complaints are responded to very infrequently. 

5) After you finally agree for the customer to leave, do you think it is appropriate to call them twice in the same day to try and understand why they have left? Surely this was discussed in the 1st of 3 calls.

6) "Your executive office" appears to be noisiest part of your callcentre when they rang me I could clearly hear conversations in the background relating to other customers. 

7) Staff not responding to emails. If your staff give out email addresses and do not respond I would urge you to give them feedback and if necessary discipline them. 

😎 Forum staff not responding to direct messages in a timely manner and providing effective customer service. I would urge you to give them feedback and if necessary discipline them. 

Hi @onionsm,

I do apologise for the ongoing issues that you're facing regarding the Netflix service activation. I can see that the original IT ticket is still open and being worked, and I assure you that we'll resolve this ASAP for you.

Apologies for the ongoing inconvenience that this is causing for you.


Zach - Forum Team
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On our wavelength

Another 2 weeks goes by still no netflix another 25 min call saying same old same old activate through app etc another ticket raised

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I would urge you to review Virgin Medias complaint policy at

If you have already made a complaint and it is over 8 weeks and not resolved I encourage you to report to CISAS/CEDUR for adjudication. Virgin will then have 10 working days to respond to you and the adjudicator. 

Hey onionsm, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to see you are having some issues with Netflix.

As you are aware, we know of an issue affecting customers.

Please can you go to your online account and click activate under Netflix?

Please let me know if you can do that or not. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

No option on app to activate hence why I keep phoning and getting tickets raised

Thanks for replying onionsm,

I know this may not be the answer that you are looking for, 

If a Ticket has been raised we just need to wait for our IT Team to resolved this.

At present we don't have a fix date but I can take a look for you. 



Unfortunately I have exactly the same issue and experience as you Onionsm. The Netflix fiasco has been going on since July when I renewed my package. If VM can’t deliver Netflix in a package they should not be offering it to customers. I’ve lost count of the number of tickets raised, and I too have submitted complaints both using the app and via the web form. Strangely enough none get registered. No reference number assigned & no complaints show on my account dashboard.  No one contacts you to resolve, you have to contact them every month to reclaim the £10.99 Netflix subscription. Yes, they told me to to go ahead take out a Netflix subscription and we will reimburse the cost, which they did for 1 month only. 
The VM customer service is appalling. This thread has been very informative wrt when actions re compensation I should now take.