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Netflix upgrade

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Recently I upgraded my vm package and now it have netflix included. I already have a premium netflix subscription which allows 4 devices to stream at once. The one with VM is only 2 simultaneous streaming devices. Is it possible to make the one with VM the same as the premium netflix I currently have?

I was also told had disney subscription as well but not sure where to get this.




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That will cost you an additional £5 per month.

But getting Netflix to work as part of your package is another matter !

Read the multiple threads Netflix is a major shambles at present !

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @mattwellsy, thanks for the post and for reaching out to us.

You can upgrade your Netflix package that is included with your Virgin Media package, however it may cost more.
For more information please read this link. Let us know how you get along.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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Hi IIlyas,

The link in your message no longer works.

We've had a similar experience this week and both Virgin and Netflix have said its the others responsibility. We activated our Netflix through Volt membership and wish to upgrade to the Premium subscription (I know we should have done this when we first activated) but each time we change our Plan details on Netflix it reverts back to standard a few minutes later saying that Virgin have declined the upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.



I had the same problem with the cancelling the upgrade t

Now there is nowhere to upgrade to premium netflix so any help from the virgin media team brilliant.

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Hi @SImonBustard, I've been able to load up the link posted by my colleague.

Can you possibly advise me if you're able to log into your self-care account to see if this allows you to alter the Netflix plan?

Kindest regards,


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I did exactly that: I was paying £14.99 per month to Netflix, now I'm paying an extra £5.00 per month to Virgin for the same package.



The screen in my virgin account to change netflix plan is blank so I can't move up from standard...

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Hey fizz, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to see you are also having issues with Netflix.

 I can see you have posted on another board which has been replied to.

Is it possible you can go back to this reply so we can keep this all in one place. Thanks  

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

I don't see a reply specific to the fact I cannot upgrade ro netflix premium....

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