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Netflix suspended 3 weeks later

Tuning in

Virgin Media cut me off the day my bill was due without even giving me a chance to pay - even though I paid that day. They reinstated it after their error but Netflix Premium got suspended. I rang on March 30th to get this sorted and was told an IT ticket would be raised and would take 48 hours. This is 3 weeks later and I still have no working Netflix, and I’m sure I’m still being charged. I have no idea how to fix this but I need it rectified asap as they aren’t doing anything . Any tips? I’ve had endless problems with Virgin for months and it’s exhausting. I don’t think I’m even getting speeds I’m paying for. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @LeighEmma85 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the problems you've been having 😔 Has there been any change in the situation since you posted? Also, what is the most recent timeframe you've been given in terms of us rectifying the issue?

As for the slow speeds you're experiencing, are you testing it on a wireless or wired connection? General advice on how to fix slow speeds can be found here




I am still having Netflix issues. I spoke to someone over the weekend who assured me it would be fixed by today at the latest… and it is still not fixed. 

I will deal with wifi separately- especially as I do all your ‘fixes’ all the time. My concern is why it’s so hard to fix Netflix. Thank you though 


Tuning in


I'm the same. Five days ago, I was told IT had raised a job and it would be fixed by the 26th. Today, upon finding it still doesn't work, I'm told it's being escalated and shall be resolved within 5 days. I started by Volt package in mid-March, and still no Netflix.


Thanks for coming back to us  LeighEmma85. I have looked into your account and can see that the team has been in touch since you last posted. Have they been able to get your issues resolved?

Kind Regards,



Nobody has been in touch from Virgin about the issue, and it still doesn’t work

Thanks for the update @LeighEmma85

I'm sorry to hear this issue is still on-going. 😞
Are you able to send a picture of the error that shows up when you try to access Netflix?
Were you given an IT ticket reference number?

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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