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Netflix farce!

Joining in

Hi community,

Reading there are a lot of people in the same boat as me is a relief but also shocking at the same time!

Since May 2022 we had new package including Netflix. No advice given to cancel Netflix subscription so have been paying for that twice since then! Furthermore as it was have been charging us the additional £5. CS at both companies seem clueless an inconsistent. Have requested a deadlock letter 3 times to no avail. Promises of a manager to call me back never happen. Furthermore I seem to be able to watch Netflix via virgin under a rogue email address and profile that has appeared on there. Has anyone else experienced this? I have reported this to virgin on more than one occasion that it could be fraudulent activity but nobody there seems remotely bothered. I have been discussing this with virgin since January and getting nowhere!   Help!!!!!!!


Dialled in

I feel your pain.

currently on the phone explaining to the third person.!

2 x V6 | 650Meg | 247 calls | Caller ID | Customer since 1999 & i know my onions 🙂

On our wavelength

The only way you'll get anywhere with Virgin Media is to go to the Ombudsman I'm afraid. 

They don't have a complaints department and customer services just send messages to back office to 'resolve' matters but the messages just end up in an abyss.

No one will call you back I'm afraid, the function doesn't work. I've got a thread on here already and it took 8-10 weeks for VM to resolve my Netflix issue which was created by VM. 

I was promised credit and low and behold it's not materialised as they are simply incompetent.

Going to the Ombudsman is the only way forward as at least that way you can force compensation as the Ombudsman will sort it.

Virgin Media are known for awful customer service and complaints handling but they'll never do anything to improve it unfortunately. There's no incentive to.

Document everything you've got in relation to bills, being charged twice, when you've raised concerns etc and just go to the Ombudsman with it.

VM have a complaints procedure on their website however they don't actually follow it through. When they receive a complaint, online or on the phone, they simply email back office and then click resolve and the notes always say that they have left feedback. That's it. You won't get a follow up call, you won't get an email. You won't get a deadlock letter etc. They simply don't know how to follow a complaints procedure and just don't in the hope that you'll just give up. They literally just wait to deal with complaints via the Ombudsman and not direct. 

Good luck as, honestly, you will need it with this firm.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Char-Lou-Law, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community. I am so sorry to hear this.

If you got Netflix through us this would of been the same email you use to log into your online account, we also wouldn't advise to cancel any Netflix because we can't do this our self, it would be down to the customer to cancel this.

Is this email address the one you use to sign in online with? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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