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Netflix can’t activate

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i have recently moved over to bolt from the oomph package. I was informed that I would also get Netflix included in my package, this is confirmed in my contract. I have looked on the “entertainment “ section on my login and I get the following message.

Oops an error has occurred whilst trying to activate your service. 

Please call us on 0800 052 5741.”


I called the day after installation and was told that it should take up to 24 hours for my account to be activated and the website should update.

However it’s been nearly a week now. I am still paying for Netflix the old way.

does anyone have any suggestions for how to get it working via virgin






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I was told to use the link in My Virgin Media under entertainment services and click 'activate netflix' that way.

Didn't work 100% as expected for me - not usually in the package, but was agreed - ended up getting sorted in the end applied as a rolling credit. The Netflix integration with other providers like Sky and BT seems much more seamless, hopefully VM will get there.

I’m glad you received a rolling credit. I’m struggling and having to spend hours every month to get the credit. Been on What’s App for over 6 hours! 

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Bit of an update.

I have waited another 72 hours just in case the website managed to update, surprisingly it didn't

I tried to use the whatsapp and chat facilities, but apparently they were too busy, so spent 45 minutes on hold.

I managed to speak to "Maaz" from the call centre, after about a 20 minute phone call,the issue has apparently been fixed their end and i should be getting an email with log in details. (And of course a "rate your operator" email). However nearly 24 hours after the call, i still haven't received either email.

When one of the admin people get a chance, are you able to look into this for me.

I am happy for the credit to just be applied to my account if that's an option, and i will just pay for it with my old method



Hi all, thanks for commenting on this thread.

I'm sorry to see you have been affected by this Netflix issue with activating your services. Unfortunately we have not been given any further updates with the status of the issue. The team are still working on getting this fixed. 

As soon as there are any updates from the support team we will let all affected customers know.



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Afternoon Everyone,

Just thought i would put a quick update on her. I have since called two more times to the call centre. Each time i get told to "give it a week" and everything will be sorted.

As of yet, i have still not received any activation email, and when i log into the virginmedia website, i get the same message. "Oops an error has occurred whilst trying to activate your service.".

I have since put in a complaint.

I was wondering whether any of the admin people are able to have a look into this for me, as, i am currently paying for netflix separately and essentially being double charged.


I can appreciate the frustration caused,

To clarify are you on the Ultimate Volt bundle?

Also this is still an issue that our team are currently investigating, many apologies.