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Netflix activation worked for me!

Tuning in


I have recently moved to Volt and after signing a new contract with Virgin I came across the numerous articles on this forum about problems with Netflix activation.  I currently have a Netflix Premium account was told by Virgin that I would be able to simply pay the difference between standard and premium in order to keep Netflix 4k.

So when I went to 'activate' Netflix from My Virgin web page it tried to get me to sign up to a new Netflix account which of course I didn't want.  I contacted VM via online chat yesterday afternoon, within 30 mins they told me that they would be in contact within 3-5 working days with a fix.  Given some of the comments in this forum I was not optimistic.

This morning I received an email activation link which I followed, was asked if I wanted to retain Premium at an extra cost (which I did) and then that was it.  My Netflix billing now shows that it is part of Virgin Volt.

I know lots of people have had a different experience so maybe I was very lucky but I thought it only fair to give VM credit where it is due.